Should Advertising to Children be Restricted in Any Way - Assignment Example

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This paper declares that many marketing efforts are geared towards advertising to children. These include ads for products such as food items, toys, games, and other similar products. The average American child watches about 16,000 television advertisements in a year…
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Should Advertising to Children be Restricted in Any Way
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Download file to see previous pages Young children, having a limited capacity to reason, often do not know the best for themselves for which they rely on parents for protection and guidance. More and more advertisements try to attract children to unhealthy habits that give rise to childhood obesity, malnourishment, and sedentary lifestyles. Further, advertising to children also has psychological implications. Psychologists studying the minds of children point out a visible change in the thinking of children as a result of consuming huge amounts of televisions ads. Advertising has caused children to be more materialistic thereby replacing their intrinsic interest towards things they actually like. Hence, the downsides of advertising targeted towards children are visible in children’s unhealthy habits and changes in their attitudes.
Given the scope of the issue, efforts can be made on a community level in order to advocate against advertising targeted towards children. In this regard, a coalition with the community and organizations with similar interests can be formed to add more substance to our voice against advertising to children. An alliance can be formed with ‘Action for Healthy Kids’ which is a collective focused towards healthy eating and other health issues faced by children, many of which including obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and undernourishment, are products of unhealthy habits promoted by advertising. ‘Action for Healthy Kids’ operates in every state of the United States including New Jersey which will help find local support for the cause and that which is able to translate into a larger impact. Additionally, a coalition with the New Jersey government’s Division for Consumer Affairs could be built because the division has been involved with similar efforts that seek to protect consumers related to healthcare issues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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