The Affect of Media (Internet) in Children - Essay Example

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This paper talks that there are many children who had the television effectively ‘baby-sit’ them while their parents catered to other responsibilities with the minimum of disturbance. In the present generation, however, it is the internet that is having a bigger effect on the choices that children make. This is particularly evident where the subject of the choice of products to purchase is concerned. …
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The Affect of Media (Internet) in Children
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Download file to see previous pages The extent to which children are then attracted to the offerings of which promote foods that are saturated with salt, sugar, and fat shows the influence of the internet on children. From the alarming increase in the rate of obesity among increasingly younger children, it can be safely concluded that the ban against junk food advertising is not enough to stop children from being influenced by unscrupulous marketers. According to Moss, the number of children who are obese has dramatically increased in the U. S. since the mid 1980’s when television was the main media instrument in the majority of American homes and fast foods were still advertised there regularly (Moss 69). According to Wartella, early exposure to entertainment elements in the form of commercials is related to the incidence of low academic achievement and poor cognitive development (Wartella 102). Essentially, the “busyness” of the internet, as is the case with television, results in a sensory bombardment for very young children that brings about orienting responses that get in the way of the processes of reflection and cognition (Schmitt, Woolf, and Anderson, 94). The Process of Reaching Children through the Internet Learning, for children, can take place through tools that can improve learning in human interactions, or even the simulated forums that are generated through intelligent artificial agents such as exist in commercials in the internet (Richey 166). Due to the fact that interactive media such as the internet can incorporate and stimulate a child's actions, the internet has an edge over more conventional media types such as television in customizing messages for their intended clients. An interactive medium such as exists in the internet is “smart” and can take...
This essay approves that the junk food advertisements on the internet also fascinate children because most of them include celebrated sportsmen and show celebrities who endorse the products. Children immediately get attracted when this kind of marketing is used because they do not comprehend that this is a simple marketing gimmick. Due to the fact that there is not a lot of research around the subject, many establishments that actively campaigned for junk food advertisers to stop marketing to children do not fully realize that the internet is used to reach children with junk food products. With the passing of laws, in many nations, which limit junk food advertisements on television, the internet has become the most recent field being used to reach children. Companies that manufacture products high in salt, fat and sugar are still using tried and tested methods to promote junk food to children through ‘backdoor’ advertising routes such as the internet in order to circumnavigate the official regulators. On the internet, the marketers use traditional techniques such as celebrity endorsements, cartoons, and film tie-ins to reach younger demographics.
This report makes a conclusion that internet advertising is quite difficult to curtail because the internet is not regulated. The only way that the influence of the internet on children can be curtailed is by restricting the amount of time that they spend online. Parents and educators can also seek to teach children early on about the dangers of the internet and the true nature of the marketer who constantly seek to get their attention. Parents and teachers could also seek to involve children in extra – curricular activities that will draw their interest away from always wanting to surf the internet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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