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Position Paper (With the powerful influence on children of modern societys competitiveness, consumerism, obsession with sex and violence, and the easy availability of alcohol and drugs, children have a childhood anymore) - Essay Example

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The increasing competition, status consciousness, high emphasis on the consumption of branded articles and more importance given to materialistic things has changed the overall picture of…
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Position Paper (With the powerful influence on children of modern societys competitiveness, consumerism, obsession with sex and violence, and the easy availability of alcohol and drugs, children have a childhood anymore)
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"Position Paper (With the powerful influence on children of modern societys competitiveness, consumerism, obsession with sex and violence, and the easy availability of alcohol and drugs, children have a childhood anymore)"

Download file to see previous pages In some areas, it can be seen as a good move towards a brighter future of their children. However, we cannot neglect the darker side of this issue. Children are motivated to win the games and to get the highest grades in the class. This sense of competition and urge to win leads them to win by any means. It diverts their attention from playing well. They are less motivated to gain knowledge but to get the grades. They are less motivated to help others but to defeat them. This competition doesn’t limit to the grounds of sports and studies but further affects the whole lives of children. This paper would further explain how children and their priorities have changed due to the changes in the society.
Nowadays, the importance of media in our lives cannot be ignored. Media is somehow responsible for the changes in society. Children are more likely to adopt the behaviors and fashions shown in the television programs. “It is clear that heavy exposure to media violence causes an increase in the likelihood of future aggressive and violent behavior” (Chaves, 2008 p. 148). It is a scientific concept that media is not the only cause of aggressive behaviors and violence however, it is proved that heavy exposure to media violence increases the chance of future aggressive and violent behaviors. Media exposure and advertisement of unhealthy food on television, internet and outdoor mediums is contributing to increased probability of child obesity. Children desire to eat what is being advertised in an attractive way on television, internet and videogames. They even try to get access to that food stuff which they find in their favorite movie or video game. They also try to consume the most popular brands to show their prestige and high living standards.
The results of a number of studies and experiments conducted in regards to find out the role of media in increasing smoking habits in adolescents. The advertisement on television, magazines, video games and internet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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