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Should Americans be discouraged or even prevented from consuming fast food If so, how - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Should Americans be discouraged or even prevented from consuming fast food? The preference for fast food among the American population is on high thus exposing citizens to various health risks. Fast foods are considered to contain higher levels of energy and glycemic loads that expose individuals to obesity or overweight in the United States…
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Should Americans be discouraged or even prevented from consuming fast food If so, how
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"Should Americans be discouraged or even prevented from consuming fast food If so, how"

Download file to see previous pages This paper examines how Americans can be discouraged from consuming unhealthy fast food. For a number of years now, health condition such as obesity presents a major health concern among policy makers within United States. In addition, obesity has been identified as a major contributor to the rise in healthcare costs. Obesity as a health condition is associated with other health problems that include certain cancers, diabetes type 2 and heart disease. Today, because of shift of roles where more women are joining career fields, there is little time to purchase and prepare a healthy meal back at home, and as a result, more families shift to fast food because of convenience reasons. In addition, when looking at a health condition such as obesity from a market perspective, the condition impacts negatively to the affected persons in terms of employment and wages earned. In essence, the wage of an obese person is affected in terms of increased costs for health insurance (Cawley 465). Despite fast food costing less, the long-term impact may end up being costly for the consumers since, such food consist of insufficient nutrients and the effect is more pronounced on adults compared to children or the youth such as teenagers. In essence, food plays an important role in terms of how individuals mind and body functions and no one single type of food can contain all the nutrients required to maintain a healthy body. As a result of fast food offering a limited diet, citizens are exposed to a number of serious health problems and in the past two decades, costs for treating obese or overweight in American hospitals is estimated at $35million(Cutler, Glaeser & Shapiro 96). On the other hand, teen obesity results in a number of problems that include social, psychological, fiscal and medical problems. In addition to the health conditions associated with fast food consumption, obesity or overweight may also result in serious psychiatric sequelae. Examples in this regard include problems with esteem and self-image because of the perceptions of overweight persons relative to the common societal norms. Social stigma is often associated with overweight especial in the American society and includes harassment form peers thus affecting a person psychologically (Cutler, Glaeser & Shapiro 110). In the American society, fast food is considered a lifestyle and by the 70s, there were already over 30,000 restaurants serving fast food in the United States and by 2001, the number has surged to over 222,000 (Therien). This poses a serious issue for policy makers concerning health concerns for the American population because of health risks associated with the consumption of fast food. In a survey conducted in 2010, averagely 36.9% of American citizens were diagnosed with heart disease and number as projected by the Heart Association in America could reach 40.5% by 2030. In another study, evidence indicated that American citizens of South Asian origin consuming fast food, increases their risk of dying from a heart attack. Further, as illustrated by the Health and Human Services Department, poor diet such as eating fast ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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