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Marketing Research : Old Navy - Business Plan Example

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In the paper “Marketing Research Plan: Old Navy” the author discusses the decline in sales of the Old Navy brand, which has been identified as a problem since the trend started, which can be due to a combination of the risk factors earlier identified…
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Marketing Research Plan: Old Navy
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Extract of sample "Marketing Research : Old Navy"

Download file to see previous pages Gap’s credit ratings thereby limiting access to the capital market, international trade matters which may be disruptive of the supply chain, changes to its IT systems disruptive of operations, changes in the IT services agreement with IBM that can disrupt operations and produce adverse effects on financial results, international expansion through franchising and other arrangements may impair the value of its brands if unsuccessful, products are subject to risks associated with overseas outsourcing and manufacturing, and failure of vendors to adhere to Gap’s code of vendor conduct could harm the business. From available data in the 2007 Annual Report, both the Gap and Old Navy brands have exhibited declining net sales. Even since 2000, then Gap CEO Drexler had to apologize to investors for the poor performance of the Gap and Old Navy brands comparing these with their once glowing brand reputations. Particular concern was with the performance of the Old Navy as the brand accounts for more than a third of the parent company’s sales (Goldman, 2000).
The continued decline in sales of the Old Navy brand has been identified as a problem since the trend started, which can be due to a combination of the risk factors earlier identified. However, specifically defined is that a significant contributor to this problem is related to marketing aspects. Therefore, marketing research needs to be conducted in order to study the problem in detail prior to the formulation of solutions that can help reverse the trend and solve the problem.
Marketing research involves a systematic collection and analysis of data related to the target market, competition, and the environment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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