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The mission of 911 Health Care Service Corporation is to provide an efficient method for delivering pertinent medical information in emergency situations. The goal is the production of a secure product that ensures identity protection of patients, using innovative technologies…
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Marketing plan/Business Plan
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Download file to see previous pages nked with a software support system that locates identified retinal scans within a profile database and transmits this data to assist emergency technicians in providing necessary treatment with minimal risk. This is an innovative product with absolutely no competition, thus giving 911 Health Care Corp. the opportunity to corner the market in this new technology sector. It has been developed with some of the most reputable software and technology designers in the industry who have offered their support and opinion for production and maintenance.
Because not everyone has access to a family or associate support network, in the event of an emergency it is next to impossible for the patient to accurately communicate their needs related to medicine interactions, blood type, or other aspects related to their medical history. This service is designed to not only assist hospitals or other emergency crews in improving efficiency of health care, but reduce the risk to patients in the event of an unexpected emergency.
There are two segmentation strategies for the new retinal scanning device: end-user application segmentation under business-to-business principles and psychographics associated with lifestyle and attitude. End-user segmentation is a divisional strategy that isolates markets based on how the industrial purchasers will use the product (Boone & Kurtz, 2007). Because the retinal scanner will be used in emergency teams, hospitals and clinics, functionality will be a key marketing strategy with efficiency and quality as the positioning strategy. Positioning is essentially “owning a place in the mind of the consumer, like a bookmark, concentrating on a single idea or word that defines the company in the consumers’ minds” (Trout, 2008, p.1). Since there is no competition for this type of device, end-user segmentation was determined the primary segmentation strategy rather than geographic or demographic segmentation. The majority of communications will be with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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