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Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways - Case Study Example

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This paper "Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways" discusses JetBlue Airways as a company that offers cheap flying rates with great accommodation and amenities.  Their airplanes are equipped with entertainment centers, offering passengers with Direct TV, and satellite radio in every seat.  …
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Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways
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Extract of sample "Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways"

Download file to see previous pages It is for this reason that JetBlue management painstakingly handles the services and amenities that the company offers. They present very competitive technology as far as providing comfort to their passengers is concerned. Destination-wise, JetBlue Airways may be considered a specialty carrier that is relegated to a short-haul concentration, taking advantage of similar economies available with advanced technology and updated equipment. A short-haul carrier, JetBlue operates efficiently by consolidating services and economies of scale. Consequently, as a short-haul carrier, JetBlue’s revenues are considerably high compared to other airline companies.

In 2003, JetBlue declared a profit of $ 17.6 M for its first quarter; the same period when the American Airlines Industry announced losses of around $ 2 Billion (JetBlue Beats the Biggies. 2008). This may be difficult to believe since it was indeed known that the travel industry was being affected by the economic crisis and threats of terrorism. However, with the mix strategies in positioning and pricing, JetBlue continued to eat up a chunk of the traveling market, resulting in better performance in the following years.

JetBlue Airways chose to locate its headquarters and main take-off point in New York. The city holds great potential for an airline company as many business entities do air transport with a purpose to New York and JetBlue sees this opportunity, having planned strategic flight destinations from New York to other key cities in the US, including Florida, California, among others. Part of their target market includes the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. The company sees potential from the Spanish community as it aims to bring in hoards of visitors and business travelers from these countries to the US and vice versa. This market is price-conscious and benefits-driven.  JetBlue definitely has the ability to lure this target market from competitors with its pricing and accommodation-quality strategy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways Case Study - 15.
(Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways Case Study - 15)
Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways Case Study - 15.
“Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways Case Study - 15”.
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