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Integrated Marketing Communications - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses integrated marketing communications. It analyses the role of marketing communication in modern business which practices have been identified as a key factor in survival in modern-day business. The essay considers business effectiveness in process of marketing communication…
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Integrated Marketing Communications
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Download file to see previous pages This approach is called Integrated Marketing Communication. This is a relatively new concept in management. It is engineered to harness all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, promotion of sales, public relation, and direct marketing in a highly focused manner eschewing the former tendency of these departments to function in isolation. The account of the phenomenon of Integrated Marketing Communication by Aaker, Batra, and Myers (1992) constitutes a fair working explanation of the phenomenon: . . . advertising and sales promotions operate together in their impact on the consumer. When designed and run in tandem, they yield power synergies that magnify their individual effects.
The ambiguity centered on the definition of IMC has created complexity in assessing the operational efficiency of the process. There are many levels of integration, which produces problems collectively as well as individually. The ideal execution of IMC calls for the sharing of the entire organization.
The purpose of marketing communication is to influence the thinking process of the recipient the communication about a brand, a project, a service etc. This called the conceptualization ion of the idea. The next step is the relationship building. The recipient of the communication and the brand should establish an emotional connection. This activity takes place on the subliminal level. Marketing communication should establish a relationship of trust with the entire clientele, which is comprised of the every day functional user of a product in the wider society as well as the user of a product in a chosen niche of the community. This trust of the recipient would be expressed in sales inquiry or attempt switch to the new brand. This is the activation of behavioral change in visible forms.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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