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 This paper discusses to increase customers’ awareness of the significance of high-quality foods. This could be accomplished by showing them the scientific data of how high-quality foods in Whole Foods Market afford nutrition for human bodies…
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We Dont Sell Foods, We Sell Health
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Extract of sample "We Dont Sell Foods, We Sell Health"

 We Don’t Sell Foods, We Sell Health

Core Concept of the ad
Whole Foods Market sells the highest quality foods they can find at the most competitive prices possible. Their featured products are organic foods, which is distinguished from other market brands.As an independent and exclusive market almost only sells foods, they wrap themselves perfectly with freshness and health concepts of the foods. The main objective of this ad is to increase customers’ awareness of the significance for high quality foods. This could be accomplished by showing them the scientific data of how the high quality foods in Whole Foods Market afford nutrition for human bodies. The target market for this ad is basically full-time housewife who wants taking good care of family and people who are interested in changing body condition by eating healthy foods. In this case, I choose to design this ad looks like a shopping receipt. My core idea is to tell customers Whole Foods Market sells health instead of foods and they buy more percentage to live well with the most competitive prices possible.
Advertising Techniques in the ad
According to Jefkins, an advert should capture attention of the audience at a glance (Jefkins & Yadin, 2000). I used the font as the same one on the formal receipt in my ad because I want my audience to recognize it as a receipt immediately. The font color is black and logo is green just like the Whole Foods current logo. The receipt also seems to be laying on the desk and a little curve in order to make it more stereoscopic and attractive. This feature enhances the clarity of the advert to the customer and brings out mote attention and focus in the information provided. The final ad features “total health” in order to equip the knowledge to customers of the true nature of services available. It shows that complete health awareness is found here.
Advertising Core Idea
The advert aims at increasing the awareness of customers of the significance of high quality foods. This implies care on the part of the seller to the customers in promoting the quality and health in life. Vincent argues that an advertisement needs to be colorful and attractive depending on the media used. This captures the attention of the audience and sends a good message with clarity (Vincent, 1989). This receipt is suitable for magazine advertising since it lacks color and can be outstanding in the colorful magazine layout. The message is precise and the advert has been designed in a mode to fit in a small part of the magazine. This makes it ideal for magazines where most viewers are able to see (Brunning 1960). The scientific data listed like hyperlipemia, blood pressure, body fat, muscle mass and body fluid instead of real foods raises the curiosity of customers to learn more as to the m\nature of the receipt. Then, the concept of selling health brings out the main idea of the receipt. It is not the actual foods the customer buys, but scientific data highlighting the core idea that Whole Foods actually sells health not foods.
The use of a receipt makes readers to see it at the first glance and ask, “why a receipt” and later they will find out this is actually not a real receipt! The highlight “total health” then brings out the ad’s core idea. Moreover the headline for the ad is “We don’t sell foods, we sell health”. This is denial that it is not food which is sold, leading the reader to want to identify what actually is offered. The answer is then simply offered, ``health’’. In this case, the customers understand that this enterprise considers and takes health matters seriously.

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