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Introduction to marketing and advertising assessment - Assignment Example

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There is a variety of ways of looking at advertising as a business, a communication process, and as a social phenomenon (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2013). To be successful, a company may incorporate two or more aspects of advertising as a way of reaching a wider audience…
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Introduction to marketing and advertising assessment
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Download file to see previous pages Companies resort to advertising as a way of creating market awareness that they have a new product in the market whose purpose is to satisfy or offer certain benefits.
For the current media campaign, an analysis of the effectiveness of various advertising media is essential. Advertising specialty institute (2013) carried out research to find out the most effective way of reaching consumers in Canada, UK and USA and people gave preferred advertising media as shown in the pie charts below.
Instant coffee is a drink that many people take as a way of relaxing the mind more especially after a tedious day at the office. On the other hand, people who go shopping have a tendency of grasping a cup of instant coffee before they return to their homes. Using the research findings in the figures above, this study shall incorporate the following media outlets.
Calendars occupy the fourth position as the most preferred mode of advertising in the US Market and third position in Canadian and UK market. Calendars and Diaries have the potential of reaching people at the office and homes. Advertising is a communication and a special kind of communication. The advantage of using a calendar and diary is that it will reach many working class people and students who could love to relax over a cup of coffee. If such people can see the name of instant coffee on the calendar before going for a break, chances are high that they shall try it out.
Writing instruments occupied the first position as the preferred media for advertising in all the three regions. Writing instruments include pens, books, writing pads among other office equipment. This advertising outlet could be expensive given the need to produce many pens and give them out free, but the contagion effect they shall create will be worth the investment. Engeseth (2009) acknowledge that in advertising, the source, the message, and the receiver all have multiple dimensions but the path from the sponsor to the consumer can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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