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The strategies of advertising - Essay Example

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In actual sense, the advertising person will never be given a business or marketing plan, but he will be forced to come up with enticing strategies to lure…
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The strategies of advertising
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Download file to see previous pages To come up with the Assessments, you have first to consider the risks and opportunities. Some additional things to consider are the future expectations, expected competitions and the consumer attitudes. The second part: action entails what should be done about the opportunities and issues related to the assessment. For instance, the action that is to be taken with respect to technological trends, media and competition. Precisely, to address all these issues of advertising, you should make use of the product brand, its direct market and social media podia. Now this article is based on the Commercial: Men’s men and Women’s women; Acura Integra. And this is an advertisement that mainly entails the advertisement of gender televisions and commercials for instance a quoted by Steve Craig in pg. 57, “Large advertisers and their agencies have evolved the pseudo-scientific method of time purchasing based on demographics, with the age and sex of the consumer generally considered to be the most important predictors of purchasing behaviour” (Craig, p57).
Strategies involve campaigns designed by the business to inspire potential customers to buy a product. These strategies are aimed at targeting the audience perceived to be most probably out of the populace to buy the product. Advertising strategies entail elements like price points, geographic settings, and perceived demographics of the customers, special offers and advertising media like websites, television, or billboards used to display the product. Considering our main Commercial: Men’s men and Women’s women, a gender television and commercial, we relate them to a specific drink for instance beer. It is clear that those particular ads that display beer as a guy drink and associates it’s drinking to only guys who like fishing trips, girls and bars, are missing the point (Barthel, p58). Quite the reverse, both genders can get themselves some weight after drinking this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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