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The mobile smartphone industry, in particular, proves this notion. Last month, Apple, Inc. launched its new and much awaited iPhone 6. News of this new product spread quickly around the world. Mobile…
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Marketing News Journal #1
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Marketing News Journal Affiliation: Technology is an important factor in the current product development trends. The mobile smartphone industry, in particular, proves this notion. Last month, Apple, Inc. launched its new and much awaited iPhone 6. News of this new product spread quickly around the world. Mobile phone enthusiasts and critics followed marketing news closely to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the new phone. On its part, Apple Company marketed the product way before its actual production, a move that resulted in thousands of pre-sale bookings. Cultural, social, and market factors played a major role as far as positioning of iPhone 6 in the market was concerned.
Before looking into the reactions of consumers, it is important to understand market trends in the mobile phone industry. Competitors in this industry engage in fierce advertising and marketing following the development of new and improved phones. A close competitor to Apple is Samsung. Even though there are other major players in the industry, these two firms are known to try to outperform each other in phone technology. A clear example is evident through Samsung’s Galaxy phones and Apple’s iPhones. Ultimately, the consumer is the final decision maker as to which phone better meets one’s tastes, preferences, or interests.
As earlier mentioned, iPhone 6 pre-sale bookings were available before the product hit the market. The underlying marketing practices explored consumer interests and anticipations for the product. One major improvement observed in the new product is the size of its screen. Chen (2014) maintains that smartphone users increasingly prefer bigger screens to small ones. In response, Apple would ultimately meet this need alongside Samsung. A comparison of screen sizes show that Apple has had to follow Samsung’s path to try to recapture lost markets that opt for bigger screens (Chen, 2014).
In light of the above discussion, it is evident that consumers interests or needs changes from time to time. There are certain consumers who stick to iPhones regardless of their screen size, while others prefer a big size screen regardless of the brand. The common denominator, however, is that business enterprises respond to such scenarios in diverse and dynamic ways. IPhone 6 enthusiasts look forward to an enhanced phone whenever a new one is launched. For others, there is prestige in owning the phone through booking before sale or buying it when it is launched. Whatever the case, consumer behavior plays an influential role in that regard.
The market frenzy associated with iPhone 6 is not a new phenomenon in today’s world. Both Samsung and Apple products lead to this practice every time a new product comes into the market. Reasons behind the observed consumer behaviors are critical to understand. The culture of new and improved technology is the major factor that influences consumers in today’s markets. The launch of smart watches, for example, is evidence that consumer expectations are unlimited as Chen (2014) contends. Variety and choice, therefore, are ruling aspects in the world of consumers.
As iPhone 6 goes big and consumer expectations broaden, it is viable to conclude that competition will get even more diverse and bigger. In essence, consumers are increasingly challenging phone makers to think beyond their entrepreneurial expectations, in other words, the best of the best, affordable, and high quality products will undoubtedly continue to receive enormous consumer attention. These observations are relevant because they will make phone technology more revolutionary and useful to people’s daily lives. A key concluding example in that regard is the smart watch, whose primary use is to monitor user’s fitness and general health.
Chen, B. X. (2014). The iPhone 6 Goes Big, as Apple Aims Small With a Smartwatch. The New York Times, Sept. 9, 2014. for-the-wrist-with-a-smartwatch-while-making-the-iphone-6- larger.html?module=Search&mabReward=relbias%3Ar%2C%7B%222%22%3A%22RI %3A15%22%7D&_r=0 Read More
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Marketing News Journal #1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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