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An analysis of the impact that advertising has on retail banking for increasing the level of brand awareness; case study on Barclays bank,uk - Research Paper Example

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In the recent years, the retail banking has become highly competitive because of the advent of large number of competitors in the market, providing unique products and services to its consumers. Therefore, in order to sustain in the competing environment it is necessary for the…
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An analysis of the impact that advertising has on retail banking for increasing the level of brand awareness; case study on Barclays bank,uk
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Extract of sample "An analysis of the impact that advertising has on retail banking for increasing the level of brand awareness; case study on Barclays bank,uk"

Download file to see previous pages al., 2004). However, in this paper discussion will be made regarding the impact of advertisement in creating brand awareness of Barclays bank of the UK. Barclays is considered as one of the largest banks of the world having it’s headquarters in London. The bank operates in more than 50 countries consisting more than 48 million customers (Barclays 2015). It is therefore necessary for the bank to retain existing customers as well as attract new customers that would help in maximizing the amount of profit. Barclays bank has been spending millions of dollars on advertising in order to promote its brand to the public to create awareness (SAGE Publications, 2015). The advancements of technology have provided opportunity for the bank to use digital channels of advertising including social media and other online sources. Moreover, the bank also provides personalized products and services to the selected customer that helps in increasing brand value for the bank (WIPRO, 2013). Advertisement is the most important tool that helps in an effective promotion of any brand as well as the popularity of the company also increases. Advertising through celebrities is also considered as one of the most effective means that may help in improving the brand equity, brand awareness as well as positive financial return (The New York Times Company, 2015; Olum, 2010). In this context, the focus of the paper is on Barclays Bank of the UK and advertising impact.
The primary motive of any business establishment irrespective of whether it is a private or a public company is to maximize its profit through the sale of products and services. It is also essential for any business establishment to maximize the volume of sales that would help in covering various types of costs incurred during operating business. For this, it is necessary for the company to market their products and services in an effective manner considering the 4P’s of marketing that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Analysis of the Impact That Advertising Has on Retail Banking for Research Paper.
“An Analysis of the Impact That Advertising Has on Retail Banking for Research Paper”, n.d.
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