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This is under the course: Professional Development in Marketing - Assignment Example

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The Animal Play Day is taken to encourage the growth of visitors to the zoo to observe the natural behaviour of Chimpanzee in the zoo environment.
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This assignment is under the course: Professional Development in Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages External negotiations on the other hand, are observed to be carried out with external stakeholder groups like clients or visitors to the organization, the members of the media and other external social groups supporting cause for wild animals (Weiss, 2012).
The internal stakeholders in the negotiation process would consist of the zoo manager, the animal keeping staffs, veterinary doctors, volunteers and members of the marketing department. External stakeholders would consist of main and supporting sponsors, the media houses, members of social organizations and the larger society.
In communicating and negotiating with the internal staffs the marketing manager, Dianne Baruch observes that the negotiation process involves a team framework of individuals relating to different departments. The negotiation is required to highlight the importance for the promotion program for the Animal Play Day (Smyth, 2008). The internal negotiation process should also focus on the planning of events and games related to involving the Chimpanzee to show different feats and tricks. On the contrary, the external negotiation would focus on attracting the interests of the external stakeholders to the different games and events that are being planned. This would help in enhancing the flow of visitors to the zoo (Southwell, 2007).
Development of presentations would contribute in effective information sharing of the different programs with the internal stakeholders. Relating to external stakeholders, the use of online, print and road shows would contribute in rightly communicating the message to the potential stakeholders. This would help in both generating awareness among stakeholders for the event and in attracting visitors (Phillips, 2004).
The Play Day Event is being planned to show in how the Chimpanzees tend to act like human beings and in some cases outperform the humans in conducting complex tasks. The planning of the event would showcase the manner in which the zoos help in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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