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Avivas Leadership Power and Motivation - Lab Report Example

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This essay discusses Aviva, that is a British Insurance company headquartered in London, but has operations across sixteen countries and focuses on the provision of life insurance, general insurance, and asset management services through direct and online channels, independent vendors…
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Avivas Leadership Power and Motivation
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Download file to see previous pages Aviva is the largest general insurer in the UK and has close to 31.5 million customers spread across the 16 countries. According to the company website, the company attained 2.2 billion UK pounds in profits after tax in 2013 compared to 2.9 billion pounds reported in 2012 (Aviva 2014). The cash remittances grew by 40 percent to reach 1.3 billion UK pounds while the new business increased by 13 percent to 835 million during the year 2013. In the current 2014 financial year, Aviva is focused on improving the cash remittances while improving the life insurance business segment through differentiated pricing and building strategic partnerships in emerging markets (Aviva 2014).
Aviva’s strategic framework is focused on investment, customer, distribution, and people Aviva has attained excellent performance in five metrics that include cash flow management, operating profits, a value of new business, expenses and combined operating ratio due to excellent leadership and people management. Aviva has a diverse product portfolio and highly talented employees that cater to the changing financial planning and insurance needs of both rural and urban customers (Aviva 2014). Leadership is a critical aspect of Aviva’s success since the management is committed to the organizational goals and has outlined a clear vision that is focused on increasing returns to the fund investors and satisfying the insurance customers. Another key aspect that has fostered Aviva’s growth and profitability is motivation since the employees are committed to higher performance in their jobs. The report will discuss the success of Aviva using organizational theories and concepts of leadership and power. The second element of organizational design and management of people that will be the motivational strategies that have been used by the company to ensure high employee performance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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