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Marketing and Sales for tourism and Hotels - Assignment Example

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In the modern world, competition is very high to attract new potential customers and further to that, retain them. Customer reference majorly relies on the customer experience…
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Marketing and Sales for tourism and Hotels
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"Marketing and Sales for tourism and Hotels"

Download file to see previous pages This creates a perception in the customer’s mind which prompts them to visit or recommend others either consciously or subconsciously. This paper therefore seeks to analyze the current marketing situation that faces movie world, theme park in gold coast Australia, and access its success in delivering customer experience which complements the organizations image.
Movie world remains the most popular theme park at the Australian gold coast, Queensland in Australia. It is the only movie related park and is owned by the village roadshow. The park has an awesome aesthetic external appearance that compliments the ambience in the park. Constructed on a 415 acre piece of land, it is a master piece designed by C.V Wood in 1893 and has several active film studios within its complex. It also contains a number of movie-themed rides as well as attractions that range from roller coasters, slow river rides to simulators. In addition, there are several costumed character performers that walk freely in the park and visitors are able to take photos with them. These include famous movie characters such as Batman, Austin powers, Scooby doo and Marylyn Monroe. The above facilities available at the park deliver an exciting experience to visitors every time they visit the park (Seth & Bhat, 2005)
The park is divided into four different segments namely; a wild beast area, a kids’ WB fun zone, a DC comic’s superhero hub and finally a main street. The main street features attractions that are based around filmmaking and movies .it is a home to a vast array of movie productions such as all-star parade, ice age and Batman’s Shadows of Gotham. The kids’ WB fun zone is majorly for the children. It features a number of rides that are specifically designed for children such as Looney tunes carousel and speedy Gonzalez. The other two majorly focus on water rides and rollercoasters. From the above, it is evident that Movie world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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