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Activity - Essay Example

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These include games kits and shoes whereby it will take advantage of the available market in schools and specialized clubs. Marketing strategies employed by the firm embrace word of…
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Download file to see previous pages With the aim of finding new opportunities, the organization has to expand their line of business to meet customers’ demands, hence shun recurrent complains. To avoid failing of the business as well as ensuring adequate meeting of client’s demands, it entails the firm to apply appropriately marketing mix.
Under product marketing mix, the organization will consider its 4Ps with the intention of applying it effectively with the intention of attaining high aggressive edge (Czinkota, Ilkka &Michael 57). The firm ought to expand its line of products by embarking on producing clothes other than games skits including supplying even hospitals with customized lab coats, patients’ attires as well as those of nurses. When setting the prices for the goods, it must know the reference value and set prices that are not costly compared to other firms supplying similar goods. Since the company will be supplying its merchandises in large quantities, it ought to sell them in wholesale terms including prices in order to retain and please its pool of clientele or segment. When it comes to promotion of the product, the company must get involved in things like exhibitions and trade fairs whereby it can adequately showcase the quality and range of goods. Placement in this case will entail the company to choose carefully the region or area easily accessible by not only clients but also other suppliers wishing to embrace the role of supplying. Under service marketing mix, the 3Ps, there must be physical evidence for the delivery of goods, which is either packaged or a signed delivery note (Czinkota, Ilkka , & Michael 57). The people who deliver the goods must do it in time besides products meeting all the requirements that were in the order (Czinkota, Ilkka & Michael 57). The processes of supplying goods or any other service that the customers need should be effective, which in turn will result to building ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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