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Critical Issues: Written Assignment 11 - Coursework Example

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Nowadays, marketing is essential because of the high competition and scanty resources. Marketing plan contains step-by-step list of…
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Critical Issues: Written Assignment 11
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Extract of sample "Critical Issues: Written Assignment 11"

Critical Issues Assignment 11 One of the most important part of business plan of each organization is marketing plan that shows how exactly the set goals will be achieved. Nowadays, marketing is essential because of the high competition and scanty resources. Marketing plan contains step-by-step list of actions and tools required to force target audience to produce specific reaction and hence help the organization in fundraising (Wymer, Knowles and Gomes, 2006). Basically, with the help of marketing plan, organizations motivate and persuade people to act in ethically right way, for example, to quite smoking, make assistance in decreasing dipsomania or take part in charitable campaigns. That is how nonprofits manage to generate the income.
According to Andresen (2006), “the price may be time, money, discomfort, loss of a beloved or convenient vice, or political capital” (p.5). Nonprofit organizations formalize their efforts and incentives meanwhile participants of social marketing campaign achieve emotional feedback, such as confidence in more secured community for children or better environment for vital activity (Miller, 2010).
Marketing plan helps to raise people’s awareness about social problems and encourage the target audience to act accordingly with the emphasis on the gain of some personal values in return (McLeish, 2011). For instance, if a nonprofit organization has a mission to increase the number of donors, the marketing plan may suggest creating appropriate commercial on TV, dispensing leaflets with relevant printed information to people in the most crowded places, launching open demonstration or starting a discussion forum for being able to highlight the importance of donorship and stimulate people to participate in it. Consequently, marketing plan represents well-organized scheme of actions, without which it would be hard for a nonprofit organization to implement its initial goals.
Andresen, K. (2006). Robin Hood marketing: Stealing corporate savvy to sell just causes. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
McLeish, B. J. (2011). Successful marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations: Winning in the age of the elusive donor. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.
Miller, K. L. (2010). The nonprofit marketing guide: High-impact, low-cost ways to build support to your good cause. San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons.
Wymer, W., Knowles, P, & Gomes, R. (2006). Nonprofit marketing: marketing management for charitable and nongovernmental organizations. California: Sage Publications. Read More
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