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Aramex Product Strategy - Essay Example

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This is in line with the delivery to customers; most of them are served with such services as international and local express, freight forwarding, logistics, cataloging, shopping, and shipping. Currently, the company…
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Aramex Product Strategy
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Extract of sample "Aramex Product Strategy"

ARAMEX PRODUCT STRATEGY Product Product lifecycle Aramex falls under the services category of products offered. This is in line with the delivery to customers; most of them are served with such services as international and local express, freight forwarding, logistics, cataloging, shopping, and shipping. Currently, the company could be said to have successfully gone through all earlier stages of the product lifecycle, namely development, introduction and growth stages1. The company is now in the maturity stage, where it is trying as much as possible to use all available opportunities and strategies to maintain its status as a world class courier service provider.
New product development
For a very long time, the company had focused its attention on the areas of international and domestic express, freight forwarding, and logistics. But due to the need to retain its stage on the product lifecycle as a maturing company, there has been the introduction of the shopping and shipping system as a new product development to match up the new class. With this new dimension, the company is able to deal with a larger population size without thinking of proximity as a limitation2. This is said against the backdrop that the company is fired up now to use the power of technology not only to make customers visit their shops to buy products, but to shop online and have their products shipped to them.
Core physical service
As far as the new paradigm is concerned, it can be said that the major core physical service offered by Aramex is electronic commerce, which is commonly called e-commerce. This is actually imbedded in the shop and ship system of business whereby customers are enabled to make purchases online via the use of the internet. Judging from the modern business trend, there is no way that Aramex could exempt itself from this new dimension and expect to see any forms of phenomenal growth3. This is because the birth of modern technology is making all stakeholders begin to look for the easiest ways out to achieve the same kind of results that they attained in the past years.
Customer Service
There is no denying the fact that the use of electronic system of commerce reduces the staff-customer personal and face-to-face interaction4. This notwithstanding, Aramex has not been enticed to forget about the importance of customer service and the need to ensuring customer satisfaction. The company actually guarantees customer service and customer satisfaction through a 24 hour customer support unit where all complaints and questions of customers are addressed on an instantaneous and live basis. These customers also have a feedback system where they can report their impressions on customer service to higher authorities for further action to be taken.
What is more, the company has a guaranteed quality assurance program, which ensures that the services given to customers are actually those that can be rated as satisfactory and excelling. Most of these quality assurance services come from external and third party experts who do not belong directly to the organizational structure of Aramex. Subsequently, the outcomes of the customer service assessment given by the quality assurance team are trusted as authentic and valid. Based on the assessment results also, there is a training and empowerment program that is prepared for the staff, especially those involved directly in the reports5.
Branding Strategy
The company has a simple strategy in terms of branding that revolves around the concept that if one customer is satisfied, he would tell another person about the product. Subsequently, the company uses an image branding strategy rather than a tangible branding strategy. What is involved in this image branding strategy is that the company tries to build a highly appreciative customer satisfaction in terms of the services offered to customers so that when the customers are satisfied, they would speak well of the company to other people6. In the face of all these, the company also uses the new social media to promote its brands, mainly its services, trademark, logos and other facilities.
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