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M3A1 PART B - Essay Example

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It involves setting up policies and initiatives within the work environment that assist employees in knowing their self-worth and helps in uplifting their self-esteem (Singh, 2005). These…
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Extract of sample "M3A1 PART B"

Company Analysis Task: Company Analysis Employee empowerment is one of the major upcoming issues in the current business world. It involves setting up policies and initiatives within the work environment that assist employees in knowing their self-worth and helps in uplifting their self-esteem (Singh, 2005). These initiatives are carried out in firms in order to fully maximize on the potential of an empowered employee since an empowered employee works very much better than other employees work and has more productivity (Moorhead & Griffin, 2011). Therefore, the following steps could be considered in the empowerment strategy of GM as the learning organization.
Improve the communication patterns of the company: Communication is one of the fundamental requirements for any company to succeed. Unlike in GM, where the communication channels involved long rigorous procedures that discouraged the employees (Kurtz & Boone, 2011). The communication channels between the employees and the senior management should be open and reliable to enable the employees have a feel that the company acknowledges their views and ideas. Therefore, their productivity would improve as they forward their challenges to the management (Huq, 2010).
Enhance teamwork within the company: Teamwork enables the employees have a better understanding of each other and promotes cordial relations within the working environment (Kurtz & Boone, 2011). By so doing, the workers feel comfortable while at work and this enhances their overall productivity due to the existence of good understanding and sharing of ideas. Sharing ideas is important since the workers can come up with an idea that could prove to be the turn-around moment for the company like a new invention (Moorhead & Griffin, 2011).
Creating a sense of responsibility among the employees: The management ought to let the employee’s opportunities to demonstrate their levels of responsibility by making them in charge. This may involve letting them have total control over an asset and monitoring its usage from a vantage point (Lashley, 2012). This makes them have the idea that they are trusted in the company hence they form a sense of responsibility and consequently carry out their works diligently. Moreover, they can sum up courage and make viable decisions in the absence of the company managers (Huq, 2010).
Involving the employees in the decision making process of the company: When employees get involved in the decision making processes of a company, they are instilled with a sense of belonging and they get a mental set of associating themselves as being parts of the company (Kurtz & Boone, 2011). From that perspective, they take their operations with the will and inherent push leading to improvement in the society. The long decision making process at GM could not allow proper employee integration (Lashley, 2012).
Creating a clear goal and vision for the company: Through the introduction of this initiative, the employees work at a specific aim and not just randomly without any driving force (Huq, 2010). This gives them a reason to diligently work at that aim and once achieved, motivation and commendation ought to follow before setting a higher aim (Moorhead & Griffin, 2011). In the case of GM, the management failed to involve the employees in setting up the company’s vision yet the employees are the company’s greatest asset.
An empowered employee is one of the greatest assets an organization can have (Singh, 2005). As such, all organizations should employ all it takes to empower their workers and ensure they are utilized to the maximum.
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M3A1 PART B Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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