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The essay "Relationship Strategies" states that the success of Apple Inc. and all its products including the infamous Apple Computer can be largely attributed to its various marketing strategies that have proved to be effective and hence brought about success and the increase in profit and fame…
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Relationship Strategies
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In order to retain its customers, Apple continues to design and unveil new products like computers, iPods, and iPhones among others (Schneiders, 14).
Brand Strategy
Branding has to do with having desirable products, ideas, manifestos among other things and not solely about the name or logo of the company. Apple has adopted the emotion branding where it aims to connect with the emotions of the customers which emphasizes that their products are not just for physical but also emotional gratification. It has succeeded in this by having the Apple Brand Personality where customers express their imagination, aspirations, and dreams when using Apple products (Schneiders, 33).
Value Strategies
This explores issues of pricing, architecture, consistency among other issues that the company holds of value. In Apple, their value strategies mainly revolve around the monolithic architecture of all their products in such a way that they are recognizable by anyone. They have also ensured consistency of the products they make and especially the computer quality and technological desirability. Compared to other companies that are competitors of Apple, this company’s product prices are fair and match the quality of their products (Schneiders, 41). Read More
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(Relationship Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 324 Words - 3)
Relationship Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 324 Words - 3.
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