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The essay "Value Strategies" states that since all products from Apple possess the same basic architecture, customers who own Apple products find it convenient to keep using their products. This is because they will have an idea of what they are buying…
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Value Strategies
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While the iPhone did not come cheap, its features and convenience made up for it.
Brand Strategy
Apple maintains a monolithic identity of its brand, with all their products associated with the Apple name, including its iPod, iTunes, and iPhone products. Additionally, the ultra-successful retail stores give customers a direct experience of their brand values (Schneiders 49). Visiting their stores to buy the iPhone 4s gives the customer a no-pressure and stimulating experience, as the staff gives them practical help on products. The staff also helps to build brand value by their enthusiastic, informative, helpful, and expert help, without being too pushy or brush. The overall feeling, one of inclusiveness in a community that comprehends how great technology feels and looks like and how it should feel, create a strong brand name for the company.
Relationship Strategies
The average interaction with consumers for Apple inc. is low, with there being no reason to talk with a representative from their customer care service unless something fails. Interaction via the iPhone 4s is multi-faceted, and thus Apple took the wise decision by sticking to building a good product and leaving the service section to AT&T (Schneiders 34). In addition, Apple’s willingness to take new users through their one-to-one program, coupled with their patient and friendly store staff, which let the customer putter with the equipment. They allow this without making the customer feel as if they need to buy it then, more like a “you can back when ready” attitude. This makes the customer want to go back and buy it since he or she has been enamored by the phone. Read More
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(Value Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 381 Words - 43)
Value Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 381 Words - 43.
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