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The paper 'The Making of McDonald’s' focuses on McDonald’s Corporation which is recognized as the world’s largest chain that operates reputable hamburger fast food restaurants. The chain serves approximately 70 million individuals in around 120 countries…
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The Making of McDonalds
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Recent statistics show that McDonald’s operates 31,000 restaurants in 119 different countries (Kroc 23). Additionally, the corporation also operates several other restaurant brands like the Piles Café and Donatos Pizza. Some of the countries that have the McDonald’s food store include Singapore, Malaysia, India and most of the states in the United States and Europe (Kroc 29). McDonald has maintained its vigorous advertising campaign for several decades. They usually use the radio, social networks, billboards, newspapers, television, and the internet to advertise their products.
Through these advertising schemes, McDonald’s has significantly augmented its market. Until recently, McDonald’s has used up to 23 different slogans to advertise its products in different regions and countries. One of the interesting ads by McDonald’s is the ad concerning Rock and Fries. The ad portrays the McDonald emblem using a human hand. Such an advertising strategy has touched me and many others, and it proves that there is a proper marketing integration because McDonald has augmented its market (Kroc 34). The company is considered as one of the most vigorous fast food advertisers. Read More
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(The Making of McDonalds Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 282 Words)
The Making of McDonalds Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 282 Words.
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