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The paper "Unilever and Nestle Cooperation in International Marketing Strategies" highlights that Nestle provides for a sign in while Uniliver does not. Thus, nestle can control and collect data concerning the interested parties easily (frank, 2005)…
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Unilever and Nestle Cooperation in International Marketing Strategies
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Extract of sample "Unilever and Nestle Cooperation in International Marketing Strategies"

From the websites of the two international companies, the differences that exist are evident. Both of these companies are international. They use different ways of ensuring that the world markets get to know about them. These varied ways work well for both of these companies. Considering the international markets, these companies take note of the general need of the customers both on a general and specific means. Some of the varied ways of internationalisation of these companies have been discussed below.
In the Unilever company, from the website indicates the shares in terms of the currency various holders’ countries and continents. Uniliver allows for innovations from all over the world since they have a link for ensuring this in their site (Isobel, 2008). Annual accounting reports of the company is also available to nestle, on the other hand, gives an annual report in three minutes. Thus, an investor is able to analyse these and make decisions. Nestle gives information about investment opportunities in different regions, in their company. 
From the above-varied elements in the websites of both companies, it can be noted that the companies make efforts to globalising their products to the international markets. This has been enhanced by providing information to investors who may take charge of setting up new lines in their products (David, 2008). Information concerning their products is also available on the website in a varied way. This makes the customers aware of the information they may need concerning the products and availability. Read More
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