Promotional Strategies for Kit Kat - Assignment Example

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The researcher states that Kit Kat is a confectionery originally produced by Rowntree's of England and now created globally by Nestlé. The iconic red and white foil wrapper of the original bar has been its strength but some unconvincing extensions have truly defaced the original brand…
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Promotional Strategies for Kit Kat
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1. Marketing ID Lecturer Choose a product you believe is improperly advertised, marketed, packaged or priced?
2. What you would do differently?

Taking a break in today’s fast-paced life is integral. The current pack is very clean, in-your-face, well branded, but it has nothing else to say. Before any design modification, I will spot the key visual equities that aid consumers identify the brand, I will just add in these elements for more interaction (Aaker 2004). I would refresh and rejuvenate the pack design rather than re-invent it because it is not necessary for loyal consumers to appreciate a pack transformation. To really get creative with the pack design I would replace the brand name with seasonal messages as well.
For example, on Mother’s day I will design the packs creatively with an amazingly patterned embossed print on the wrapper with confetti which can say ‘The Best Mom Ever’; a celebration break for the mothers. I can also depict the ‘break’ by creatively executing the barcode as well, perhaps by leaving space between the horizontal lines. Read More
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(Promotional Strategies for Kit Kat Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 328 Words - 11)
Promotional Strategies for Kit Kat Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 328 Words - 11.
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