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The responsibility of the marketer at this point is to create strategies that will raise awareness of their product through advertisements and…
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2 Questions
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Download file to see previous pages Liking - so now that the consumer is fully aware and knowledgeable about the product, he begins to relate the product with itself and establishes a connection. At this stage, the marketer should already know which level consumers feel the product and should draft their ad campaigns accordingly. It is best for the marketer to now evaluate his consumer base as to whether they think the company offers a better product than its competitors.
Conviction - the second to the last stage. Now the consumer is hit with strong advertising and reasons to want to purchase the product over the competitors. A conviction must be created within the mind of the client to support the product. So the marketer must push the advertisement in such a way that the consumer will feel that the competitors cannot compete with this particular brand.
Purchase - the final step in the buyer readiness - stage. The effective product information dissemination and strong advertising push creates a conviction within the clients mind that gives him the confidence to push through with the purchase of the product. Once the sale occurs within the consumer base of the product, then the marketer can effectively say that he has done his job properly.
2. An appeal is what an advertiser doe sin order to get a consumer to purchase a product or service. There are three types of appeals that are commonly used in advertising by marketers. These appeal types are known as:
Ethical Appeal - this is an appeal targeted at at someones or somethings image. The public does not normally come across this type of advertising unless it is election season. This is because politicians use this advertising platform to present themselves in a better light than the other candidates, oftentimes using criticisms to make them more appealing to the voter. Consumers though, normally do not use this kind of dialog unless they are writing to a company to complain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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