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Country Analysis Report - Saudi Arabia - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Business Date Executive Summary The report provides an analysis of Saudi Arabian ICT business market and seeks to investigate the difficulties, risks, benefits and potential of this business environment. The purpose is to examine the market factors that Apple Inc would anticipate as it defines its strategy to develop an ICT infrastructure manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia…
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Country Analysis Report - Saudi Arabia
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Download file to see previous pages Being a growing country, the government has launched strategies to encourage integration of the digital technology within the business sector. In this light, this is a potential market for ICT infrastructure. If Apple invests in this business sector, it is likely to benefit from high market demand, high customer loyalty, less competition and a stable market position. With a high bargaining power, the organization should expect more profits from this environment. These benefits are expected to last in the long term. The challenges that exist in this market sector cost of imports, delay in obtaining a license and high construction costs. In fact, this market is ranked as one of the hardest market for foreign investors to launch their products. This makes it quite hard for Apple Inc to launch its business plan in this market. Its ability to design a strategy that overcomes these challenges will determine its survival in this market. Numerous risks threaten business survival in this market. Existence of terrorism and political instability promises an unpredictable future within this market environment. Also, religious conflicts make it hard to predict consumer behavior in this market. On entry in this market, Apple Inc should be aware of these risk and devise plans to neutralize them. Altogether, Apple Inc should consider entry in this market as challenges and risks are inevitable in every market environment. Saudi Arabia Analysis Report Introduction In the 21st century, there is pressure for every business organization to push its operations in the international markets as a strategic plan to target more customers and optimize profits. Before developing an international investment plan, it is crucial to conduct a thorough environmental market scanning before choosing potential countries where business is viable. This process requires a clear identification of the opportunities available in the country, risk, difficulties and potential of the target country. This helps a business entity to understand the nature of the new market, and decide whether it is worth to invest in this country. In addition, this helps the organization to devise the right market entry strategy to take advantage of the opportunities, neutralize risks and overcome difficulties associated with the new environment. Understanding the market environment goes way far in determining the success of the organization within the international market. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that are becoming potential investment market sectors especially in the field of technology. As the country struggles to absorb technology within its industry, there is potential for ICT business in this part of the world. However, this market has associated risks that pose threat to business survival in this industry. For Apple Inc, this market sector is a potential investment environment due to the demand of technology infrastructure that is building up in this country. Although Apple Inc products are already trending in this market, there is need to develop a manufacturing plant in this country to take better advantage of this market. This report is a presentation of the image of the Business environment in Saudi Arabia. It presents the opportunities, benefits, risks and difficulties that Apple Inc would encounter in launching manufacturing operations in this Saudi Arabia. The ICT Potentials of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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