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Application of E-Business in Saudi Arabia - Research Paper Example

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Application of E-Business in Saudi Arabia Abstract E-business (electronic business) describes the act of a business utilizing electronic network in the improvement of business processes or systems. The research project views the role of e-business in promoting modern business and reviews opportunities for future research on e-business with focus on Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia…
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Application of E-Business in Saudi Arabia
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Download file to see previous pages Factors that affect the adoption of the technology in Saudi Arabia include the financial position of the business, the nature or characteristics of the business organization and the employees’ acceptance and perception of e-business. Some of the recommendations for the research are that the governments should use standardized methods to implement ICT projects. Regular training and empowerment workshops should be conducted to ensure that there is no resistance to change. Table of Contents Application of E-Business in Saudi Arabia 1 Running head: E-BUSINESS 1 1 Abstract 1 E-Business 5 Rationale 5 Project Topics 6 Research Methods 7 Expected Findings and Implications 7 Annotated Bibliography 8 Introduction 12 Rationale 13 Specific Topic 13 Research Purpose 14 Hypotheses 14 Literature Review 14 History and Background 14 Exceptions 15 Solutions 16 Discussion 17 Barriers to E-Business 17 Motivators to Commerce 18 Methodology 19 Research Purpose 19 Data Collection Method 19 Survey Instrument 20 Population, Sampling Strategy and Sample 20 Data Analysis 21 Results 21 Implications of the Findings 26 Limitations 27 Conclusion 27 Recommendations 28 Final Thoughts 28 Questionnaire 34 E-Business E-business (electronic business) describes the act of a business utilizing electronic network in the improvement of business processes or systems. ...
The data collecting tool will be administration of questionnaires which will be conducted through various means such as e-mail, post and fax. However, face-to-face surveys will be conducted although reference will be made to questionnaires. The collected data from the tables will be analyzed through application of the Microsoft Excel and recommendations offered based on the results. The application of e-business among Saudi Arabian companies is expected to be low. Factors that affect the adoption of the technology in Saudi Arabia include the financial position of the business, the nature or characteristics of the business organization, and employees’ acceptance and perception of the of e-business. Some of the benefits of e-business include: promotes globalization, reduction in the costs involved in running of the business, improvement of the supply chain, portrays flexibility in operation hours, enhances procurement process and not subject to city laws and permits. Rationale Although e-business is currently applied globally, Saudi Arabia still lags behind in adoption of the technology. Although the country possesses the most advanced and the fastest growing ICT technology in the Arab region, the application of e-business has been adopted at a slow rate. Additionally, there is no detailed information on the adoption of E-commerce among most of the Saudi Arabians. According to Marcus, Wigham and Gould (2011), the Kingdom has registered a substantial population growth that can profitably adopt e-business and enhance the economic growth of the country. This research will rely on wide range of responses from employees in various organizations within Saudi Arabia. This will enable the identification of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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