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International Business Environment Assenment - Essay Example

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International Business Environment Institution of affiliation: Name: Professor: Course: Date Review in general terms each company’s growth and performance over the past five years. International business environment Compass group food and associate British foods are two different multinational companies headquartered in the UK…
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International Business Environment Assenment
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"International Business Environment Assenment"

Download file to see previous pages The company has maintained at a stable growth of just below 8% in terms of currency revenue and over 5% organic revenue growth. The company has also witnessed a stable profit growth over the past years and last year the company recorded a 9% increase in the operating profit growth margin. Consequently, other business branches in places like North America are performing exceptionally well and are experiencing high levels of customer retentions. Business operations in places like Europe are also firm despite the increasingly harsh economic conditions, which are likely to remain so. The company has also unveiled strategies that will enable it operate competently in the, market and make it own the largest share among their competitors. The current year’s cash flow is quite impressive and is maintained at the top peak. This has enabled the company to indulge in further investment and engage more investors and shareholders in the market. The business also has sufficient amount to award its shareholders. The years also witnessed a number of acquisition in terms of which have also made a significant contribution to the company growth. In addition, the business has experienced growth in some areas due to increased outsourcing from various parts of the world. This enables them to produce a variety, which in return meets various customer needs. The retention rate of the business is high with a 94.3% stand. The company director also attributed the high growth rates to the price increase that was made on the commodities. They are also creating strategies that enable them get high sales in low sales regions such as Japan and Europe. Overall, the company is doing excellent except for the flat sales volumes in Europe and Japan. The company has also instituted strategies to introduce new products that may help in boosting sales in these places. Associated British Foods Associated British foods are equally a very strong player in the food industry. Their multinational effect has grown and they are currently competing very strongly against their worldwide competitors. With over 46 branches worldwide, the company has ensured high productivity in terms of o productivity. In regards to financial performance, the company registered an increase in their turnover rate. In 2009, the company had $9255 while in the year 2012 the company had $12252. This signifies a trend of excellence in performance and the manner in which the company operations are done. There is also an increase in the operating adjusted profits from $664 in 2009 to $1077. The company motivates its employees by paying them 130% of their salaries. This in turn led to an increased 20% in terms of achievement of the company objectives. Consequently, the company has set financial targets in every branch that they have, and these operate competitively to achieve the objectives. The company also capitalizes on bonus reduction to increase its net revenues. Identify and provide an assessment of how the key factors within the international business environment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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