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The Great British Pub - Essay Example

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It offers several brands that include flaming grill pubs, John Barras, chief brewer, fayre and square, and wacky warehouse. The pub offers a great ambience for their customers to get the best services ever…
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The Great British Pub
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Extract of sample "The Great British Pub"

Download file to see previous pages veral pubs to its brand and offers a wonderful mix of traditional food and exotic drinks most wines are hand selected and carefully brewed to meet the varying tastes of customers across the country and visiting tourists. To meet the next challenges that lie ahead in the pub retail industry, the operations department has to come up with up-to-date innovations ascribed to the products and services offered. There are several modus operandi for innovating services in the pub market arena.
The great British pub can and should redefine its strategy to fit the current market trends and deliver maximum profits. As opposed to the current strategy of only offering mostly food and drinks, it must develop a new strategy that targets even those who seek accommodation. The firm’s mission and vision statements must reflect and include its stakeholders. These measures should be driven using the bottom up approach in order for the employees to own the new strategy. Openness in setting targets should involve everyone that directly or indirectly attached or associated with the great old British pub. The strategy must take into consideration the suppliers, the government restrictions, outsourced service partners, the highly esteemed workforce and most importantly, it should revere its customers.
The products offered by the pub are mainly drinks and food. These products must be offered in a manner that treats customers with respect. The beers and whiskeys must concentrate on the particular tastes preferred by the customers according to recent market researches. Quality can be made a side-by-side buzz word for the pub and as such the business can establish itself as completely unique pub in the world. When quality becomes a part of an organization, customers are attached to the enterprise since they are assured of getting value for their money. This can be done by sampling tastes all over the world so that not even tourists are left unattended. Once the traditional foods and drinks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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