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Utility of Concept of Marketing to Organizations - Essay Example

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The modern concepts of marketing have been very useful and are responsible for design and management of superior value chain and delivery system. …
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Utility of Concept of Marketing to Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages It also represents the smooth interface between the flow of goods and services for development of a positive business environment. The study will deal with the importance of marketing in the development of business strategies and also other relative business activities within the organizations. It will also highlight the various concepts of marketing which are useful in starting a business and other relative business marketing activities. Finally, the study will conclude the impact of marketing on the activities conducted by the organizations. The concept of marketing helps the organization reaching their goals in a systematic manner also with the intention of creation of customer value. Marketing has not only helped the profit oriented organizations but also to the nonprofits organizations and libraries to large extent to contribute considerably to the benefits of the society. It has supported the organizations to accomplish their goals with the incorporation of marketing concepts and the implementation of marketing techniques. Unlike the traditional marketing concepts the modern marketing lays emphasis on the customer needs through the incorporation of various technologies. The concepts of marketing have helped the organizations to identify the marketing techniques to which it can helps in restructuring, orientation of the organization. ...
For example the production department of the organization needs the concepts of marketing for the smooth physical distribution of goods and services (Gilbert, 2008). These help in the solving problem related to inventory control, cost minimization and that too within certain limits. It terms of distribution purposes and is solely responsible for the sales response to the company stimuli and also focuses on target markets and buying behaviour. The inclusion of concepts of marketing in providing specialised customer service helps in the goals and objectives, establish the interdependence of physical distribution and marketing (Gupta, 2009). Certain marketing concepts like segmentation, positioning, targeting, exchange transactions, relationships and networks, marketing channels, supply chain and completion help the organization for improvisation overall. This concept assists the organization in several ways for the process of quality control, service and product development by taking into account the customer needs and services, awareness of their services etc. It also helps in determining and evaluation of the appropriateness of the existing activity that leads to the development of the product and services. Implementation of the marketing activities help in the business, profit and non profit oriented organizations. However, the manager need to utilize and comprehend certain components of marketing theory which help then in realizing the differences and also the distinguishing between different marketing concepts for selling, promotion, public relations and other functional aspects that are an integral part of the marketing process. It helps in the total contribution of the marketing implementation activities which contribute to the overall ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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