Research Findings, Statistical Analysis and interpretation for Etisalat Telecom Corporation - Essay Example

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COMPANY FINANCIAL STATEMENT Name: Institution: A formal record of a business, person or any entity recorded in a particular financial way is regarded as financial statement. Demographic splits and financial statements take an important position in developing world due to important information that business people acquire from the analysis of demographic splits…
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Research Findings, Statistical Analysis and interpretation for Etisalat Telecom Corporation
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Download file to see previous pages The developed or developing world countries are the major victims affected by the dynamics of the demographic splits. The main concerns relating to the identification of the developing and developed countries gets connected from the populace records (Lovie, 2005). The median age, raises the majority of populace in developed countries, whereas median age falls in developing countries therefore affecting the demographic splits of financial busting by a great percentage. Therefore, the median age in developed and developing countries need analyzation with great concern to the dynamics that they create in business financial status particularly the effects of demographic splits that they establish from their populace. Companies must come up with new product portfolios to meet the need of these new growing demographic needs established by the median age both in developed and developing world countries. The new products will establish new markets that meet the customers’ tastes and preferences in the demographic splits. Identification of the new products concerns the median age in the developing and developed world countries. Additionally, companies must develop new methods of marketing messages and the method of packaging. The packaging of Old consumers should be one that is easier to open compared to the packaging of new consumers. Eventually, quick reactions to these changes in the demographics can bring significant growths in different companies that create greater opportunities for expansion and profit development (Lovie, 2005). Independent T-Test Independent T-test using SPSS compares the relation between two groups connected in any way but are on the same progressive, dependant variable. Independent t-test has two variables, the dependent variable and independent variable, manipulated in different ways to come up with variables that determine the independent t-test. Besides, ones data must meet certain assumptions to come up with comprehensive independent t-test results. The assumptions establish valid t-test results using your data. According to Lovie, using an independent t-test, one of the major processes involves checking analyzed data if it actually uses an independent t-test. The main reason for checking is to be sure and appropriate that the independent t-test data passes the required six assumptions required an independent t-test to give valid and reliable results. The six assumptions determine the validity of independent t-test results by adding a little more time to the analysis. It requires checking and using keys in SPSS while performing the analysis as well establishing more ideas and thoughts about your data. When analyzing the data some of these assumptions are violated despite the fact all the six assumptions are valid and used in when analyzing data of the independent t-test. This is mostly common when working with data that is real rather than data found in the textbooks. Using the real world data, allows for the use of data that often shows you how to handle out an independent t-test when everything concerning the anayzation of the data goes in a professional way. In contrast, when the data fails to meet all the assumptions there is still a solution to overcome all this. The six assumptions that are considered in the independent t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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