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Create a multi-task workforce to satisfy customer demands at Etisalat Abood - Essay Example

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Etisalat needs to change the way it carries its operations through its workforce so that the customer can have the capacity to get all the help needed and services required from the staff without bothering himself to get up from his seat. While, the staff also does not need to…
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Create a multi-task workforce to satisfy customer demands at Etisalat Abood
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Extract of sample "Create a multi-task workforce to satisfy customer demands at Etisalat Abood"

Download file to see previous pages d this project is the need to find out how Etisalat can make sure that the customer gets all the help needed and services required from the staff without bothering himself to get up from his seat. Whereas, the staff also will not need to waste their time in waiting for the customer and allow the company to get the maximum output and utilize their staff.
This project goal is to have more focus on the way Etisalat needs to adopt to have better reach to customer with the best personnel customer care. This deployment and reach of customer satisfaction will guarantee customer loyalty and sustain the number of subscribers in the company with services that enhanced customers’ experience and success in increasing the number of customers will lead to growth in the revenue.
Training will play an imperative role within the achievement of Etisalat’s success as a business. Every now and then business owners such as Etisalat will regularly find the accessible training is too ambiguous and not apposite to the individual requirements of the business. The preeminent return on Etisalat’s training venture will be accomplished by identifying the company’s training requirements, taking a methodical approach to finding the source of appropriate training, and enrolling its workers on the correct courses for skills needed for the job.
Once Etisalat will have identified its employee skills or even knowledge gaps, the subsequent thing is to get the best training form to accomplish the results the company will want. Etisalat will try to steer clear of finding training primarily, and afterward fitting this to Etisalat workers.
For best possible results, Etisalat will try to go with its preferred training alternative with the requirements of the business, along with the way its staff will learn best. Etisalat will utilize a number of training concurrently namely ‘off-the-shelf’ training courses, in-house training, job shadowing, mentoring, conferences, seminars, workshops, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Create a Multi-Task Workforce to Satisfy Customer Demands at Etisalat Essay.
“Create a Multi-Task Workforce to Satisfy Customer Demands at Etisalat Essay”, n.d.
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