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How a satisfied customer help a company grow - Research Paper Example

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How a satisfied customer help a company grow Name Institution Description of company Harriet Weintraub Fashions is a full service consultation partnership firm that deals with image and communication matters. It is located in the heart of New York. The primary value of this company is customer satisfaction in service delivery…
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How a satisfied customer help a company grow
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Download file to see previous pages The company also aims at helping these organizations develop effective communication strategies whose focus is customer based, employee related, investors, stakeholders, partners, and media relations focused. Harriet Weintraub Fashions has been tested and proved successful in its line of business. We encourage person to person or a group of people’s communications consulting. We not only deal with companies and corporations but with individuals as well. Broadways also has a plan of opening other branches in other states as part of its expansion plan. Description of Marketed services The services offered by Harriet Weintraub Fashions are among others, trainings on communications. Proper communication is the bottom-line of any relationship. In this competitive world of business, companies and firms are struggling for the same client base. It is the case of putting the best foot forward, which Harriet Weintraub Fashions clearly explains. We also conduct management training. We train the top brass of any company on how to relate with each other and with other members of staff. Productivity comes about only when people work together for a common goal. Training of new employees is also done by us. Furthermore, we take our clients through sessions of image consultancy. Such sessions include how to make presentations, going for deals, meeting new clients etc. Identification of the target market We have a rather broad market as already highlighted. However, we majorly target companies who deal directly with the consumers. We all know from the chain of trade, that there are those organizations that interact directly with the client for instance, the fashion industry. We take it upon us to address key issues that pertain to such matters since such companies compete on customer experience. Description of service quality metrics There exists no single metric by which the service of an organization to its customers should be pegged (Morris, 2012). All metrics work together for the achievement of the organization’s success. The following metrics as adopted by Harriet Weintraub Fashions look to span the benchmarks of operations, finances and quality respectively. They include; Timely service delivery. At Broadways Limited, we try to make sure that our services are delivered to the prospective customers within the same day. Our promptness makes them respect us and appreciate us more. Moreover, we try to clock a deal with a new client at the first impression. This is important to us especially given the industry we are in. We do this by identifying which issues need to be considered at whatever time and thus enable us establish the proper escalation rates. Moreover, as an operational metrics, we try to gauge the rate of customer response and resolution. We also monitor the rate at which our employees handle customer matters and determine whether more team training or individual coaching is required. We do this by evaluating the average time it takes for a member of staff to effectively communicate to the client at hand. We also take caution to ensure that the abandonment rates are as minimal as possible. This is especially when there are a lot of clients. Financially, as an organization, we take into account all the revenues accumulated and expended being careful not to run into losses. We also calculate the importance of training versus productivity. This is because we know that it is directly proportional to customer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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