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Best practices of measuring customer satisfaction Name of the University Measuring Customer Satisfaction of Ford Motors INTRODUCTION: customer relationship management has become an important phenomenon in the business world. Companies today, realize the importance of retaining existing customers by meeting/exceeding their expectations, as the cost of attracting new customers is must more than the cost of retaining an existing customer…
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Ford Motor Company: Measuring Customer Satisfaction
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Download file to see previous pages BEST PRACTICES OF MEASURING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: methods of collecting customer data can be divided into two broad categories; Direct Methods and Indirect Methods. Direct methods involve face to face conversations, phone calls, questionnaires, surveys, interviews, emails, chat communications and feedback cards. While indirect methods include observation, mystery shopping, industry positioning reports and automated recording machines. Whatever methods the company uses, the company must take into account best practices of measuring customer satisfaction so that realistic and accurate results can be derived from the research. The key factors to consider before measuring customer satisfaction are: 1. Define the goals: it is important to set clear objectives before measuring customer satisfaction and stick to those goals throughout the data evaluation process. Try to focus on the critical topics and avoid respondent fatigue. 2. Measuring what matters: it is important to measure the drivers that affect the customer behavior. These drivers can be; cost, quality, speed of customer service, availability, packaging of the product, trust, positioning of the brand etc. 3. Scientifically designed questionnaire: the questionnaire should be specific and focused. “Precise questions, phrasing, and scales should be used to accurately measure customer satisfaction. Rigorous scientific testing and decades of empirical evidence enable this methodology to link satisfaction to financial performance” (CFI group 2008) 4. The post-calls should be short and polite: If information is gathered through phone calls or post-call interactive voice recording machines, the call should be at most 2- 3 minutes long. Customers usually get frustrated by multiple questions, therefore the questions should be short and simple and must be asked in a polite manner 5. Use right scale to measure the response: it is better to use a five-point scale to measure the response. A ten-point or seven-point scale can confuse the customers. 6. Strive for the right-mark, not the benchmark: right-marking means that customer satisfaction rate is measured on the basis of operational goals set by the company. It identifies the service levels at which the customers will be satisfied at most. However, benchmarking the best-in-class will perhaps make you set unrealistic and unachievable goals. 7. Measuring, analyzing and interpretation of results: customer data should be recorded in a separate data base and customer satisfaction results should not be used to punish or reward employees rather it should be viewed as a roadmap to success. Efforts must be made to interpret the data quickly so that necessary actions can be taken to improve the performance. Measuring customer satisfaction results is not the end of the process. It is equally important to align business strategies, goals and day to day operations to increase customer satisfaction. Following factors contribute to increasing customer satisfaction. Commitment of upper management. Setting Customer-focused improvement goals. Employee training programs should focus on making the customer’s happy. Front-line employees who contribute to customer’s satisfaction should be recognized. Direct and indirect factors should be identified that have a direct impact on customer satisfac ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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