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Professional and organisational Development - Assignment Example

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Professional and Organisational Development Table of Contents Introduction 3 Organisational Development Approaches of a Group of Organisations in Automobile Industry 5 Ford Motor Company 5 General Motors 7 Toyota 8 Evaluation 10 Conclusion 15 References 16 Introduction Organisational development (OD) is a wide area of research and practice in order to expand the knowledge and efficiency of the people to accomplish their organisational goals…
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Professional and organisational Development
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Download file to see previous pages It is a procedure of continuous evaluation, planning and implementation of the knowledge for the improvement of the organisation’s ability of problem solving, capacity management and changes in future. Organisational development assists in improving the business by engaging several products and services. It helps in observing the dynamics of the working environments so that the progress in faster and effective. The three components of the organisational development approaches are systems thinking, behavioural sciences and values. Fig 1: Organisational Development Approach Source: (Haneberg, 2005). The managers within an organisation use the organisational development approach for increasing the effectiveness and capacity by implementing the set of values by systematic thinking approach to provide best output in the work. Moreover, they apply the behavioural sciences theories for the success of the organisation. The values of the organisation are set which are to be followed by the people to indulge in for greater success (Haneberg, 2005). Organisational development depends on the values which help in taking proper decision regarding the employees and the organisation. These values give a shape to the decision taken and replicate an appropriate result for the efficiency of the success. The values are the most eminent part of the organisational approach as it involves the process of engagement within the culture and the employees. Relationship building, authenticity, respect, empowerment and flexibility are the values which help in the success of the organisations in any sector. In the automobile sector managers also implement these approaches for ensuring success and proper coordination among the people (Haneberg, 2005). The objective of this management report is to deal with the organisational approaches followed by the automobile sector giants such as Ford Motors, General Motors and Toyota. The approaches and their effectiveness in the development for the professionals or leaders and the organisation are evaluated in this study. Organisational Development Approaches of a Group of Organisations in Automobile Industry Ford Motor Company Organisational development approach is an essential part in an organisation for its successful functioning. It is imperative as the profit of a concern depends a lot on the systems thinking approach and the values of the employees in accordance with the business. In this regard, it is affirmed that Ford Motor Company follows the open system approach which is a continuous process that renders emphasis on the environmental dynamics. As Ford Motors follows the open system, it gets continuous flow of information regarding the products in the form of feedback. The feedbacks are then analysed thoroughly for the betterment of the product as per the need of the environment. Therefore, the efficiency of the company depends on the interaction level with the environment. In the recent years, the organisational development demonstrates a shift in the approach from system to the organisational approach. Correspondingly, it is acknowledged that Ford Motors has used the systems analysis approach which is effective (Brown & Harvey, 2006). In this regard, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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