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Advertising and promoting - Essay Example

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Marketing techniques are of very great importance in the promotion of various products at the local as well as in the international spheres. The mode of marketing and the medium used to market these products often play a key role in determining the number of people reached by these advertisements…
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Advertising and promoting
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Download file to see previous pages Marketing techniques are of very great importance in the promotion of various products at the local as well as in the international spheres. The mode of marketing and the medium used to market these products often play a key role in determining the number of people reached by these advertisements. However, the cost of airing certain advertisements in certain media is also a factor to be considered in this case. Moorthy (1988) argues that the type of medium chosen should therefore be that which can be accessed by most people as well as cheap in terms of the funds required to air an advertisement for a given period of time as compared with other media options. Some media house cover only limited areas and are not therefore suitable for an advertisement that requires a large number of people to reach (Moorthy, 1988). Depending on the type of promotion one wants to make and the target population, the choice of a media house is of prime importance to this task. For an international promotion, the channel that is viewed by the international community should be the better option. On the contrary, a local promotion expected to reach just a few selected population should make use of a local channel that reaches most people in the region targeted. This paper will look at the choice of various media channels in carrying out marketing promotions over the others depending on the type of promotion to be made and the number and location of target population Marketing Communications (Advertising & Promotion: Media) As has been mentioned earlier, the choice of a media channel to be used in carrying out any type of promotion really matters a lot as far as the cost, location and target population is concerned. To illustrate this, I will use the choice of making promotions for a major launch of a new environmentally friendly, ‘greener’ car from a renowned vehicle manufacturing company in the world, the Toyota Company. Here the choice of the channel may be very difficult given the large number of the target population to be reached by these advertisements. Being an international promotion therefore, the channel hat is to be used in this case should be that which is common among most people across the globe. For this reason, my choice for this particular advertisement is preferably the current leading world news broadcasting television, The BBC Channel. Given her long standing existence as a world news broadcasting channel, the BBC channel has gained world wide fame as a reliable news house across the world. It therefore has the largest number of viewers across the globe giving the company a good number of people to reach with the news (Heard, 2004). The Toyota Company is known to have had a long history in car manufacturing in the world history. The company’s products are consumed by a large number of buyers in all the continents of the world. In order to reach her widely scattered myriad of customers and the available amount of money she has planned to se for airing the adverts, 50 million pounds, the company needs to select the channel that has a large area of coverage too and which is actually popular among the world populations. Using the BBC news channel therefore would be the best option in this case. Even though making advertisements on this channel may prove quite expensive, the amount of money the company has channeled towards this is certainly enough to accomplish the task and realize the target the end of the day. However, n most of the third world and developing countries, only a few homesteads will bin a position to afford the expensive gargets for transmitting the BBC news and so will be potentially left out. Besides, most people do not speak English as their first language while others do not understand English at all and therefore may not be catered for during the promotion since BBC uses only English as a medium for communication. For small scale businesses for instance a small scale restaurant which wants to re- open her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advertising and Promoting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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