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Harley Davidson Contents Why is the internet a particularly good promotional medium for Harley-Davidson? 3 What different roles could Harley-Davidson’s Website play for Harley owners, for people shopping for a motorcycle, and for people just interested in motorcycles in general?…
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Topic in Instruction
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Harley Davidson Contents Why is the internet a particularly good promotional medium for Harley-Davidson? 3 What different roles could Harley-Davidson’s Website play for Harley owners, for people shopping for a motorcycle, and for people just interested in motorcycles in general? 4 Reference 6 Bibliography 6 Why is the internet a particularly good promotional medium for Harley-Davidson? The internet has been acting as one of the most popular means of promotion for many brands and one such brand is Harley Davidson. The internet provides new means for advertisers in order to communicate with the consumers. One reason why internet is a good promotional tool for Harley Davidson is that since the brand has a community with hundreds and thousands of customers, it will be able to reach out to the existing and potential customers through internet. The Harley Davidson site tries to accomplish interactions through e-community. Harley Davidson conducts events all through the country and it is through the internet that the brand members and other Harley riders get to know about the events. The range of people accessing the Harley sites is considerably high as compared to the offline stores. It is through the internet that Harley Davidson has created the community for the brand and draws consumers to its site that has features and content including information about entertainment and lifestyle (O'Guinn, Allen & Semenik, 2011, p.524). The second reason why the internet has proved to be a good promotional tool for Harley Davidson is that it can post testimonials from the customers and blogs with regards to various types of bikes Harley Davidson owns. Considering the fact that not all types of Harley Davidson bikes tend to fit the needs and requirements of every customer, posting testimonials by the customers will help the potential new customers to arrive at the best conclusion that would be in accordance with their needs and lifestyle. In the process, if the customers are able to get the right match and have excellent experience with the company, they are much more likely to pass on positive feedback through word of mouth and make extensive use of Harley Davidson website to access information leading to brand value and brand recognition. The third reason for Harley Davidson to make use of internet is that it has allowed the customers to evaluate the performance of the company both financially and in general. The brand, by posting the financial summary online, lets the customers view and evaluate whether the company has been able to achieve success over the years and is moving forward in the future. It has helped in creating brand loyalty and also helped the investors to invest in the brand and create more number of customers - loyal customers. What different roles could Harley-Davidson’s Website play for Harley owners, for people shopping for a motorcycle, and for people just interested in motorcycles in general? The website of Harley Davidson plays different roles for Harley owners, for people who are shopping for bikes and also for those interested in bikes in general. The Harley owners who are already the members of the club have the opportunity to participate in various events which Harley Davidson organises for the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G). Harley Davidson discloses the time, date and place of the events and calls every owner of Harley to participate (Harley Davidson, 2013). The website talks about the H.O.G and mentions the events which are conducted only by Harley owners. In addition, one can shop on the website for new bikes; buy replacement parts and much more. For people who are planning to shop for motorcycles, the Harley Davidson site is a perfect place to look for new and exciting ranges of bikes. The website showcases various products, services and also provides information about the retailers in and across the area catering to interested people with showrooms to visit and experience it all. The experience page also discloses the various exciting and memorable experiences of Harley riders which can motivate the new customers to buy Harley. The site gives full information about the new launches of Harley bikes and also regarding events which are organised for every one willing to participate and it also caters to potential customers. The Harley Davidson site also attracts the general people, just interested in bikes in general, to go through its pages and to look at all the new bikes and recent product launches. Every detail of the company is made available to all types of customers and this in turn increases the brand value and that eventually creates brand loyalty. Bikers, after viewing the different types of Harley bikes and learning from the experiences, are bound to fall for Harley bikes. The site also allows customization of Harley bikes as per the customer’s needs and wants, adding more to the brand value of Harley Davidson. Reference O'Guinn, T. C. Allen, C. T. & Semenik, R. J. (2011). Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion. USA: Cengage Learning. Harley Davidson. (2013). Harley Owner Group. Retrieved from Bibliography Harley Davidson-a. (2013). Harley Davidson. Retrieved from Read More
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Topic in Instruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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