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McDonalds-arch delux burger - Essay Example

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The study aims at discussing the case of advertisement failures of McDonalds’s Arch Deluxe Burger, which is counted among the top ten advertisement failures.The motive is to understand the shortcomings of the company due to which the advertisement failed…
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McDonalds-arch delux burger
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Download file to see previous pages After a detailed analysis, recommendations would be stated for this case. Ineffective Advertising Campaign McDonald’s hired an advertisement agency named Fallon McElligot for the advertisements of Arch Deluxe Burger. The amount ascertained for such advertisement campaign was $100 million. The advertisement showed that the children are getting confused as they could not understand what the Arch Deluxe Burger are all about, neither are they liking its look or taste, not any toys are given away with these burgers. It is known as rebel marketing. The motive was to show that the Arch Deluxe Burger was not for the children. Another advertisement of Arch Deluxe Burger showed that the executive chef of McDonalds is explaining the professionals in the elevator why the Arch Deluxe Burger is tasty and motivates them to eat (Kord “McDonalds Arch Deluxe Burger Commercial”). This advertisement was considered awful and was not liked by the people. The message that was delivered through the advertisement was also another drawback which led to the downfall. The message said that “Burger with the Grown-up Taste.” It was tagged as sophisticated product not for kids. In one of the commercial it was seen that the children motivated her parents to go to McDonalds by just saying Arch Deluxe Burger. ...
It was very odd that McDonalds were parents visit especially to accompany their children as it serves foods which is thoroughly liked by the children and the parents, is offering menus with is not for the children. The product Arch Deluxe Burger was for the adults as the taste of the product was considered more sophisticated. The advertisement campaign for the Arch Deluxe showed only adults loved to consume this burger, while the children hated it, as they did not like its taste. McDonalds spent heavily to reveal that its target customers were not children. In a family restaurant if a particular menu is restricted to only adults, then problems are bound to occur. This was the case for Arch Deluxe, and the customers discarded the product completely (Lubow “Steal This Burger”). Positioning Strategy Arch Deluxe Burger was a failure because of the way the product was positioned. The whole idea behind the positioning of Arch Deluxe burger was to show that it was a product not meant for children. It was revealed that no one went to McDonald to have sophisticated food or delicacies. People visited McDonalds for fun, convenience and to have delicious burger. The customers went to McDonalds because of their friendliness, tasty burger, cleanliness, and consistency. With this type of product positioning, McDonalds lost touch with its customers, and the children who are the major customers of the company also lost interest somehow in the burgers offered by the retailer. It was said that the product, Arch Deluxe burger was the result of a comprehensive research. This research revealed that people would like to have those burgers which are specifically designed for the adults or grownups. However, when the actually product was launched and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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