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GLOBAL IMPACT - Essay Example

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Among these, air travel, accommodation, and food services constitute half of the total output. Specifically, food services is a subsidiary sector that is the second largest. It constitutes more than…
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Extract of sample "GLOBAL IMPACT"

Download file to see previous pages These segments include the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Middle East, Africa, Canada, and Latin America (McDonalds, 2014). Thus, tourists to other nations, as well as within a country can procure McDonald’s products in a number of locations.
In the year 1948, the first McDonald’s was commenced in San Bernardino, California. The owners Mac and Dick McDonald entered into a franchise agreement with Ray Kroc, in the year 1954. After a year had elapsed, Kroc started his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Kroc proved to be highly enterprising, and by the year 1957, he established 14 McDonald’s restaurants in California, Indiana, and Illinois. Finally, in the year 1961, Kroc acquired McDonald’s from Dick and Mac for $2.7 million (Research and Markets: SWOT & PEST Analysis of McDonalds and Profiles of their Competitors Burger King and Yum!, 2008).
Additionally, McDonald’s is distinguished by its Golden Arches, and these made their debut in the year 1962. In the very same year, this distinguished company sold its billionth burger. In the year 1963, Ronald McDonald came to the fore, and McDonald’s brought in its first new item, namely the Filet-O-Fish. This company became a public company in the year 1965, and commenced to advertize its products on the television. In the year 1967, McDonald’s commenced operations abroad, and this was in Canada. The Big Mac was made a part of its menu, in the year 1968, and in that year it opened its 1,000th restaurant (Research and Markets: SWOT & PEST Analysis of McDonalds and Profiles of their Competitors Burger King and Yum!, 2008). The Big Mac and the McDonald’s Golden Arches are well recognized across the globe. Their services offer delicious fast food items and soft drinks to the populace.
The annual expansion of McDonald’s, in the 1970s, was approximately 500 restaurants. The advent of the Ronald McDonald House, which provided temporary residence ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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