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Personal and Professional Practice - Essay Example

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Personal and Professional Practice Name: Institution: Produce a short report (500 words) to student new to the University which explains what a plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Plagiarism means passing off somebody else’s work as your own this could either be from another student, journal, work from a book and even website (Wolff 2012, p.2)…
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Personal and Professional Practice
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Download file to see previous pages People plagiarize because it looks like the easiest and quick thing to do when writing a project or even assignments. Author Ian Fleming wrote a novel with two of his colleagues, but he never mentioned them as co writers, he got sued by his colleagues and fined for plagiarism (Wainwright 2008, p.18). This amounted to plagiarism as he did not involve his counterparts in the final edition of the book yet they participated in its writing. Copying someone else’s work without their permission is plagiarism. A number of famous authors have become dodged with a number of controversies dealing with their books. Authors like Dan Brown and Lynda l Plante are just but examples of leading authors, who have battled court cases related to plagiarism (Arnold 2008). In order to avoid plagiarism in any of the work, one should be able to reference correctly all the ideas, materials, and theories that have been applied (Braniac 2012, p.6). Any individual reading your work should have the ability of telling exactly where the information is from. Read your work over and over again to ensure that there is no plagiarism before handing in your assignment (Cottrell 2008, p. 41). . One should be able to reference directly, for example and also indirectly (Arnold 2008). One should be able to posses the knowledge of putting his or her own ideas in their assessment. In order to avoid plagiarism, one should use quotation marks, indirect referencing or at the same time, placing different ideas into your own personal words and including a reference at the end of each sentence (Cottrell 2008, p. 54). Referencing your work effectively and properly will prevent plagiarism from happening (Braniac 2012, p.6). Another way of avoiding plagiarism is by educating the students of the issue. Teachers should not assume that the students know what plagiarism is, even if they pretend to know what it is. The students should be provided with an explicit definition of plagiarism (Arnold 2008). Even when revising or paraphrasing another person’s words, or even just using their ideas, the author must still be given credit in a note (Wolff 2012, p.3). Ignoring crediting the appropriate authors, amount to lying. Students should include an annotated bibliography in their works. This should include a brief summary of the source, its location and also an evaluation about the importance of the source (Braniac 2012, p.6). Writers should be aware of the sources of the papers. Plagiarism detector should be used to check the levels of plagiarism (Wolff 2012, p.1). These detectors will enable the students prevent issues of plagiarism in their work or reports (Cottrell 2008, p. 28). Plagiarism is an offence; anyone doing it will be heavily punished. Bibliography Arnold, B, 2008, Caslon Analytics plagiarism incidents, Retrieved August 13, 2012, from Braniac, A, 2012, How to Prevent Plagiarism, eHow, 6. Cottrell, S, 2008, The Study Skills Handbook, New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Wainwright, M, 2008, Persaud suspended from practice for three months over plagiarism, The Guardian, 18. Wolff, J, 2012, Does plagiarism matter? Answer in your own words, The Guardian, 2-4. Personal and Professional Practice Name: Institution: Why is plagiarism viewed to be such a grave offence? Plagiarism is duplicating someone’s work claiming to be yours. People who commit plagiarism steal other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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