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Vocational and Professional Practice and the Needs of Older Workers - Personal Statement Example

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Through the study of Education in Saudi Arabia, the paper “Vocational and Professional Practice and the Needs of Older Worker” focus on the critical reflection of the older teaching professionals basing this on the centrality of personal agency and identity…
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Vocational and Professional Practice and the Needs of Older Workers
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Extract of sample "Vocational and Professional Practice and the Needs of Older Workers"

Download file to see previous pages In the realm of effective production and the ever-growing demand for better educational services which have characterized the modern days, the situation calls for output standardization and customized production. Teaching practice has also changed significantly over time which calls for better ways of executing educational curriculum. This should also be done with the view of meeting market demand. For instance, teaching is a profession which calls for constant training to enhance the effective delivery of services and the covering of current affairs. The current trend in the teaching field is that of an introduction of new systems of service delivery. This has been prompted by the need of various governments to solve the current crisis facing educational practices. Thus, the ministry of education of any country should devise a way out to support various changes pertaining to education and the need of finding solutions to the current problems. To achieve this, the ministry should provide opportunities for furthering education and promotion to its workers. Teachers require, as motivational incentives, better pay, opportunities to develop further in their profession and promotion (Fenwick, 2002).
The spread of modern technologies in developing countries has led to an increased demand for skilled teachers and subordinate staff. Young people are not effective enough due to the fact that most of them work when they have not acquired basic skills that are required as per the education system. In the modern days, students are completing primary and post-primary education schools before they fully develop relevant skills and knowledge which allow them to adapt to changes in the labor market (Fenwick, 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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