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I am a dedicated, highly motivated, diligent, driven student who consistently strives for the best outcomes in life, work, and school. This is one of the many reasons I have decided to…
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Career in Pharmaceutical Sales
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FUTURE CAREER My future place is to pursue a career as a pharmaceutical sales representative in Maryland. I am a dedicated, highly motivated, diligent, driven student who consistently strives for the best outcomes in life, work, and school. This is one of the many reasons I have decided to pursue this career path. I am devoted to my studies and the steps that I have to take to obtain a future in this field.
One of the most important aspects of pharmacy are the high professional standards in the field, especially in the sales field. All of the best professions delineate codes of conducts and practices for their members (Oakley, 2007). Many of the decisions that pharmacists make are life and death ones, and so we require a strong code of ethics from them and the people who supply them with their products (Altilio, 2009). Like many other important professions, drug salespeople are respected but they are also held to high standards. 
I work very well in team situations and have always developed a good rapport with peers, co-workers, professors and employers. While I highly enjoy teamwork I also have the motivation and knowledge to work efficiently and independently on major projects. I work extremely well under pressure and have always been able to put my best forward and receive top results. These are important qualities in a sales professional. Sales can be a high-pressure, high-stress field and you have to work very hard at it to make a go of it (Appelbe, 2005).
Another important aspect of pharmaceutical sales is travel. You need to cover a lot of ground and meet a lot of people. I have a good sense of geography and can fit in in many unique situations. You have to charm them and make them want to buy the product. But more than that you have to be credible and knowledgeable. You have to understand the position that pharmacy managers and pharmacists are in. Their profession can be high stress and they will want to ensure that the products they receive are the best (Kevin, 2001). Fortunately, I am good at all of these things.
  In life, one has to fight and work hard in order to get ahead. I have always been a hard worker and a person who is dedicated to improving myself through academic study and work as well as everyday experience.  I respond to setbacks by working even harder and increasing my determination.
  I possess the intellectual commitment and compassionate interest to make this a satisfying and successful vocation. I truly want to leave my mark on the world by helping others. I realize this will not be an easy task, but I am a motivated and determined individual. I know my perseverance and diligence will help me to reach my ultimate objective of completing the program successfully. I understand how important pharmaceuticals are in todays world.
  I discovered my love of sales very early on in my life. I was fascinated by the way the system worked. I knew this was a field I would be able to give my all and really believe in what I was doing. I was ready for the daily challenges I would encounter in this field and I was ready to be an official part of a world that already surrounded me. I set my heart on getting involved in sales during my early teenage years and I haven’t looked back since. I’m willing to work my very hardest and put forth the highest amount of effort possible to achieve my goals as a salesperson.

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