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Understanding Abbvie Company: Its Business Model, Its Focus, and Its Performance 2005-2014 - Research Paper Example

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Its Chief executive officer and chairman is a 30 year old Richard A.Consalez. Its headquarters are in North Chicago, Illinois and it has 25000 employees. The journey of forming this company began on…
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Understanding Abbvie Company: Its Business Model, Its Focus, and Its Performance 2005-2014
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Extract of sample "Understanding Abbvie Company: Its Business Model, Its Focus, and Its Performance 2005-2014"

Download file to see previous pages Before the separation, it dealt with medical products without the research division. Finally, the separation was effected on January 1, 2013 and subsequently, Abbvie was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Abbott Press Release).
Its mission is; to work favorably with health care officials with the aim of maximizing the importance of specialized in pharmaceutical products in order to improve the health care of patients who require this kind of medication that is specialized. The vision is; is to work on making drug prescription, offering and administering medication the best, cost effective to the patients, and make clinical practices superb and observe the ethical rules. It is a new company because; it began its operations in 2013, after its separation from Abbot Laboratories. The company has gone beyond the norm net profit of 7 percent by registering 22 in the year 2014. The industry average payout is 20 percent, but the company registered 60 percent, which is impressive bearing in mind it is new in the market. This has created confidence in investors that the company is growing. It deals in human medicine, and its sales reached 10 billion dollars globally in the year 2014.In the year 2013, its sales were under 6 billion dollars. It has also grown significantly in the stock market. In the stock market, it grew by 21.55 percent in 2014. Its rival companies like Johnson and Johnson grew by 19 percent,
Pfizer by 5 percent and Novartis by 13 percent. This is an impressive show because it has been in the public for a very short time when compared with its competitors (Abbott Press Release). The projections are even higher as the year 2014 progresses. It had total revenue of 4.926 billion dollars in 2014.Its net income was 1.1 billion dollars the same year. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Understanding Abbvie Company: Its Business Model, Its Focus, and Its Research Paper)
Understanding Abbvie Company: Its Business Model, Its Focus, and Its Research Paper.
“Understanding Abbvie Company: Its Business Model, Its Focus, and Its Research Paper”, n.d.
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