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Obtaining a future career as a Veterinary Technician can open so many opportunities - Research Paper Example

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They undertake medical test in animals and treats the medical conditions those animals may have, while operating under the supervision of a registered Veterinarian (NAVTA, 2002).Veterinary Technician…
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Obtaining a future career as a Veterinary Technician can open so many opportunities
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Extract of sample "Obtaining a future career as a Veterinary Technician can open so many opportunities"

Download file to see previous pages Although many specialize in either small or big animal care, some can work in a mixed environment where they care for small pets and for bigger nondomestic animals (Deobrah, (n.d)).
Although this work can be demanding both physically and emotionally, and although working with animals is sometimes dangerous, the future of the Veterinary Technician career is promising. People who love animals happen to derive a great deal of satisfaction from this job. Owing to the fact that the tendency to love and keep pets is generally increasing in the world, employment in Veterinary Technician career is expected to grow at a much higher rate than the average (NAVTA, 2002). With the increase in establishment of Zoos and Aquariums, job opportunities are expected to increase and the demand for Veterinary Technician is expected to rise. All this notwithstanding, engagement in Veterinary Technician career, is set to open so many opportunities in the future.
With the growth in technology related to all facets of life, research work has become more and more relevant in the modern society. In the future, Veterinary Technician career is going to venture more and more into research work, working in research facilities, where the technicians prepare samples for laboratory tests, offers medications to animals and record histories of the animals, regarding their health, weight, diet, genealogy and clinical medication history (Veterinary Technician, 2006). Most significant is the role of the Veterinary Technician in contributing not only to animal heath but also to human health. Veterinary Technician works closely with other medical experts in the research fields, to come up with new inventions that can help improve not only the medical conditions of animals but even that of humans (Veterinary Technician, 2006).
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