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My Readiness for Direct Practice - Personal Statement Example

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This paper “My Readiness for Direct Practice” summarises the information about author’s readiness for direct practice as a new social worker. This module gave him the opportunity to apply what he has learned in a role-playing counseling session in which he was the counselor…
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My Readiness for Direct Practice
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Extract of sample "My Readiness for Direct Practice"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, “social workers based in social work teams are expected to know how to collaborate effectively with other professionals from a range of agencies in order to provide effective and appropriate services” (Quinney, 2006; p.10). Hence, in preparing for my first placement, I need to broaden my knowledge of collaborative social work practice between multi-disciplinary teams in order to provide support and services to service users to be matched with my own vast understanding of how a person’s mind and emotions operate especially in times of crisis (Doel & Best, 2008).
In learning with my peers and from my experience in the role-play, I realized that the social worker needs to be skilled in motivating the service users to open up so as to enable them to express their issues and concerns can be analyzed and hopefully, through counseling, be threshed out. Social workers need to learn how to be good listeners and in order to do so, use interpersonal skills and suitable forms of verbal and non-verbal communication (HCPC, 2012). This means that the social worker needs to be a keen and sensitive observer of the service user’s body language and gestures (Lishman, 2009; Davidson and Lax,1992).
Throughout the interview session with Seema, it was evident that she was very upset. When she was sharing her thoughts and feelings, she kept covering her face as if she was about to cry and throughout the course of the interview session. She sat stiffly with her arms crossed over her chest as if she was holding all the pain in to avoid breaking down to cry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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