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Digital Channel Research Report: Dynamic Banner Ads - Essay Example

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Introduction The digital channels which are now used for advertising are providing new solutions to those who are looking at various sources for getting noticed online. The Omar Dynamic Display is one of the areas which are able to provide alternative solutions to those interested in advertising through digital displays…
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Digital Channel Research Report: Dynamic Banner Ads
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Download file to see previous pages Defining this is then able to develop a deeper understanding of what is occurring within the digital marketplace as well as what is occurring in terms of designing and portable alternatives. Latest Trends The trends in dynamic banner ads are continuing to grow, specifically because of the aesthetic and visual appeal it adds to websites. This is combined with the dynamic approaches which are now associated with the websites and the way in which these are able to add into marketing capacities. The approach which is being taken is known as realtime advertising, specifically because of the capabilities of switching into different looks with the banners and the attraction which this creates. It is expected that the approach to dynamic ads is one which will continue to grow because of the real time alternatives which are available. The rich media with dynamic movement, such as with video, is one which has a dwell rate of 6.2% where the ads which do not have dynamic elements have a wait time of 5.2%. The ability to add in different alternatives with movement for the ads then becomes an important element that is based on engaging the consumer and grabbing attention toward the various ads (EMarketer, 2011). Creative Possibilities The capabilities with Omar are allowing the trends of real time displays to move even further into the expectations with dynamic advertising. The approach which has been taken is based on taking feeds, video, data and information and moving it into sets of dynamic content through automated programming. Omar, meaning Ossim Mapping Archive, is able to create the displays with agencies and programs that are a part of the development of ads and dynamic displays. Archival, retrieving and processing as well as distribution of the elements are then able to create real time alternatives to display ads, automatically leading to more alternatives to those who are working with specific products that are able to create dynamic mapping and frameworks. It is expected that the Omar dynamic ads will offer more processing, image chains, circulation of video files and added value to the information which is able to be retrieved through online areas (Lucas, Bortman, 2009). The possibilities which are a part of Omar are expected to not only help with the basic dynamic displays which are created through ads. The possibilities are moving into alternatives for social media marketing and other areas which require movement and attention to those interested in the application. It is being noted that the possibilities of real time dynamic ads is one which will create a new trend with the social graph which is now prevalent on the Internet. It is expected that this strategy will create alternatives that make a different social graph for marketers. Marketers will have the capacity to look at segments and the social areas as well as websites which are compatible with the dynamic ads. This will be combined with the ability to find new potential of where to advertise while understanding how this should apply to those who are looking at content which is more applicable to them. Focused advertising, longer retention rates and the ability to change the way in which dynamic advertising is used are some of the emergences which are associated with the advertising potential (Simply Zesty, 2011). Utilizing the Dynamic Banner Ad Display The dynamic banner ad display is one which can be used with a variety of techniques, all which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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