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In a post-modern world, modeling the process of branding shifts from a lifeless engineering orientation to a living/organic orie - Essay Example

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A brand refers to a name, design or term that makes products or services of a company distinct in the market and from its competitors. An example of brand is coca cola which is used to distinguish a specific soft drink from others like Pepsi. The art of creating awareness of a product brand is what is known as branding…
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In a post-modern world, modeling the process of branding shifts from a lifeless engineering orientation to a living/organic orie
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"In a post-modern world, modeling the process of branding shifts from a lifeless engineering orientation to a living/organic orie"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will seek to clarify how the post-modern world, modeling the process of branding has shifted from a lifeless engineering orientation to a living/organic orientation. Because of the desire to dominate markets, brands were managed by firms with the objective of maximizing profits through differentiating brands so as to command large market share. The application of brand in this aspect led to the equity approach to brand management. The main objective under this approach was maximizing profits. Branding was taken as a process of economic exchange of firm’s (producer of brand) brand for the customer’s money. This approach portrays branding as a well structured engineered process, whereby consumers provide measurable feedback through buying or failure to buy. This was evidenced by the use of geometric figures such as circles, triangles when modeling branding process (Keller, 2008). This branding process under equity approach begins with an extensive brand awareness campaign aimed at satisfying consumer’s functional needs by availing products and services. Consequently, after meeting functional needs a firm aims to satisfy emotional needs by associating its product or services with desirable image, design through marketing. Thereafter, the firm differentiates its product from competition by creating a connection with customers, enhancing customer loyalty and thus achieving brand equity. Brand equity approach is viewed as incomplete due to its rational approach to branding process based on the scientific style of brand management. This rational approach leads to missing the ‘ontological reality” of brands and their “social ecology” (Grassl, pp. 313-360). Equity branding approach depicts brand as a lifeless controllable object which has no social capability with its consumers. In addition, the rational approach overshadows the individual aspects of a brand as it concentrates solely on creating an objective brand. Due to the failures of the equity approach to branding, a new concept of social approach to branding process emerged. This marked the transition of moving from the lifeless engineering orientation to a living/organic orientation of branding process (Stern, pp.216-223). This approach borrowed ideas from behavioral sciences like social-psychology and sociology to enhance branding process. Social-psychological approach to branding process aims at creating strong personal associations between customers and the brand thus building brand identity rather than brand equity. These brand and customer personal relationships are created on sincerity, competence and excitement dimensions. The Social-psychological approach depicts the branding process as the creation of harmony between customer and brand’s qualities. It attains this by use ethnically implied messages delivered through strategic marketing communications. Consequently, the approach reduces the function of culture and social relationships to means of communicating and enhancing brand identity. Therefore it does not cater for all social aspects of a brand. In the anthropological branding process approach, brands identity emanates from the culture rather than culture being means of communicating brand. Thus this approach portrays branding as an attempt by consumers to create their own identities from their own culture. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In a Post-Modern World, Modeling the Process of Branding Shifts from a Essay.
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