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Google or Yahoo - Essay Example

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Google has been able to sustain a stronger position and retain greater number of web visitors due to the adoption of innovative strategies and effective decision making, as compared to Yahoo. This paper shall highlight some of the factors that have enabled Google to gain competitive advantage over his competitor, Yahoo…
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Google or Yahoo
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Download file to see previous pages The following figure proves the above stated argument: Figure 1: Over-diversified features of Yahoo versus simple and focused features of Google (Ong, 2011) The lack of a consistent vision of Yahoo prevails even in the present times. Ray (2010) shared useful information regarding their frequent changes in the mission statement on their official website; the definition of their service has been changed into various things like internet navigational service, online media company etc in the past few years. The achievement of Google’s foremost business goal of maintaining the best search engine has been enough to steal the web visitors of Yahoo. Google’s simplicity and focused vision wins them the edge over the over-diversified aims of Yahoo. Google launched other web services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth etc after they had perfected their core competency of search engine service. 2.2 Better Service and Storage Space of Webmail Service Google launched their webmail service in 2004 when they announced the Gmail service. At that time, Yahoo and other companies were already providing webmail services that offered free limited data storage of about 10MB; any greater amount of storage was charged. Google electrified the market with their first mover’s advantage of offering 1GB storage space. Along with the credit of first mover’s advantage, Biggs (2007) stated that Gmail is considered to be much faster than Yahoo mail. Yahoo has imitated the strategy of offering greater data storage to their clients but has failed to earn back the web users who migrated to Gmail. The following table highlights some valuable facts regarding the dominance of Gmail over Yahoo...
After conducting an extensive study of the prevailing market share, features and services of Yahoo and Google, it can be concluded that Google gains a competitive advantage over Yahoo. Google has been able to increase their products and services over an elongated period of time by perfecting each one of them before stepping into newer domains. On the contrary, over diversified efforts and lack of a consistent vision has caused Yahoo’s efforts to be diverted in a wide range of services. Gmail offers greater storage and speed performance as compared to Yahoo mail. Google Adwords is based on more reliable and rewarding marketing strategies that help their clients to gain greater return on their investments. Greater coverage of Google helps their clients to cover a greater segment of web users. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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