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Google And Yahoo Case - Assignment Example

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The objective of the report will be to highlight certain reasons for Google to retain its position among one of the leading technology giants. On the other hand, the case study will also analyse certain issues which may help Yahoo to regain its original position in the domain of technology. …
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Google And Yahoo Case
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Download file to see previous pages The company provides services in digital experiences and content, across the world. In fact, Mayer is aiming to turn around the culture by implementing the physical presence of personnel to the success of design and digital innovation. This culture is already established in Google and Yahoo! is trying to build a similar culture (Schrage, 2013). She was brought in as the CEO of Yahoo! and successfully took over from Jerry Yang, one of the founder members of the organization. Organizational culture in Google and Yahoo! Google currently ranks among the top 100 companies which individuals would prefer to work with. The organizational culture in Google is similar to that of a start up venture wherein all individuals are encouraged to provide their valuable suggestions and notions. In fact, the firm believes that employees, in their free time should pursue their dream projects. It provides the employees a relaxed working environment and supports innovation. In order to gain competitive edge it is essential for firms to innovate. Innovation facilitates and motivates firms to diversify and launch new products and services. In order to support a culture of organizational innovation, the company promotes diverse norms and values in the firm (Naranjo-Valencia, Jimenez-Jimenez & Sanz-Valle, 2011). The human resource team encourages and praises individual and team achievements by means of several awards functions, ceremonies and other creative fun activities. In fact the cafes and offices of this organization have been designed to support employee interactions across and within groups to impart organizational learning and enhance knowledge management (Google, 2013). Such kind of activities helps in building rapport...
The approach to leadership and management in Yahoo! The above case study has tried to analyze the organizational culture in Yahoo! and Google and accordingly has found out the mediating role of culture on the approaches towards leadership and management. Culture is rooted in the minds of employees and transforming culture may be one of the most challenging approaches to leadership and management. This situation is highlighted in the case study of Yahoo!, when the new appointed CEO, Marissa Mayer is carrying out the challenging task to change the current laid back organizational culture in the firm. She is trying to build better rapport and interactions between employees and have already initiated the process to establish culture change. On the other hand, the approaches of the management and leadership under the expert guidance of its CEO, Larry Page has tried to imbibe certain organizational culture values and accordingly provide training and leadership options.
The case study highlights the importance of transformational approach to leadership behaviour, building a culture of interaction and communication in the organization and applies the leader member exchange theory to ensure that goals and objectives are attained. On the other hand, the senior management team also tries to build in an environment of team building, employee engagement and motivation and thereby attain optimum levels of success in the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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